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BLOODY FUCKING HELL can someone tell wtf this is about

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BLOODY FUCKING HELL can someone tell wtf this is about

PostAuthor: Baron » Fri Jul 05, 2002 6:02 pm

I install (and reinstall)nwn When it is fisnished it goes to the config thing. It starts to config, gets to 12% and adnormal program temination. I cant play the game. that config screen won't comeback again unless I unistall then install. HOW THE FUCK DO I FIX THIS BULL SHIT. Thank you for your help

Lord of Blithering Idiots
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PostAuthor: Prime » Sat Jul 06, 2002 2:40 am

It might be a conflict with your OS, hardware, or anohter program.

Or it could be a bad sector on the Hard Disk.

I would make sure that all programs & hardware has been updated to the latest versions/drivers, then run a scandisk/disk cleanup, next run a defrag, then reboot. After all that, try it.

If it locks, you may have to go to some more drastic measures.

If you have another computer to try it on, try that too. If it does the same thing, then it's the copy. :)

Lord of Blithering Idiots
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