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Dungeon Ideas!

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Dungeon Ideas!

PostAuthor: Fury » Fri Jun 14, 2002 1:58 am

Being an old Dungeon Master I was curious as to some of the mods/plots other DM's plan on making?

Despite PC Lamer's tip of avoiding the 'old cliches' I do indeed plan a mod that strips players of equipment, and throws them in a cell.

Inspired from Quest for Britannia and the puppet king I have a story ready to go where the group will need to decide which royal they will support.

Not sure what 'trick' I will pull with this one but I know I want the players to fight waves of undead..maybe led by a lich lord or something. Perhaps a cursed artifact or something else.

I do know I want to have a 'doppleganger' party of npc's that my group will interact/conflict/work together at during different mods. One time this other 'band' may be mercs hired by an evil wizard our group will try to assasinate or something. Kind of a twist on the 'single' npc that keeps recurring (usually some mighty wizard/deity).

A water mod, where our players have to swim - sea critters, pirates, watery graves!

I am so excited! :)

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