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Werewolf NWN mini-game!

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Werewolf NWN mini-game!

PostAuthor: nodata » Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:37 pm

Hi! I'm not trying to steal any players or anything. I'm working on a prototype for a full version game, and I've decided to prototype it in NWN. It's a short hunter/hunted type game. If you have the time, please take a look! Here's the info:

So I've been working on prototyping a game as part of a project for class, and I decided to use NWN1 to prototype it. The game is highly inspired by the Thing mods for StarCraft1 & 2, and other hunter-style games.

The basic gameplay is set up for 3-6 players right now. The game takes
place in a medieval Northern town, where a Werewolf is killing off the
local townsfolk. It's up to the players to figure out who the Werewolf
is, and stop him. Except one of the players IS the Werewolf!

The game is set up to be played in about 20-30 mins. One player is
randomly selected to be the Werewolf. Two other players are randomly
selected to be a Hunter and a Doctor, respectively. The rest of the
players are just townsfolk, and have to assist the other players in
finding and killing the Werewolf. The Hunter and Doctor both have shops
in town, with equipment to assist in killing the Werewolf and helping
the townies survive. However, the location of each shop changes each
time the game starts.

Since each selection is random and secret, there's no way to know which
player was chosen to be the Werewolf, or any other occupation, until the
Werewolf player decides to strike. In one on one combat, the Werewolf
can easily take out a townie, so the they'll have to work together to
survive. Also, the clock is against them. With each game hour (1min real
time) the players (including the Werewolf) all take damage from the
cold, slowly freezing. The doctor can help, if he can make it to his
shop alive.

The townies win by killing the Werewolf, or by signaling the nearest
military outpost for help. The Werewolf wins by killing all of the

If you'd like to play, there are no Haks required.

The server IP is:

3 players are required to start a game.

Characters may ONLY have FIGHTER levels. Any other class will be booted
(just reconnect and make a fighter). This is to eliminate spell casting,
as I'd like it to be as gritty as possible.

I'll check this thread pretty regularly, so post here if there are any
problems. I'll be making updates to the game as often as possible.
Feedback will speed this up!

Suggestions are welcome and ENCOURAGED! Help me develop this into something...awesome.

Enjoy! Thanks!

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