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Blind Fight

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Blind Fight

PostAuthor: AShadowsWhisper » Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:14 am

Does Blind Fight work with ranged attacks?
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Re: Blind Fight

PostAuthor: Isadora » Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:45 am

From the nwn Wiki

# This feat effectively squares the effect of all concealment (reducing 50% to 25% and 10% to 1%). Furthermore, it negates all attacker miss chances (e.g. from blindness or darkness).
# The "ability to fight well" includes negating the -4 to attack rolls that is normally incurred when fighting blind. However, this feat does not negate the -4 to attack rolls against invisible creatures.
# The bonus to attack that invisible creatures normally get is +2. This same bonus is also normally given to creatures attacking a blind creature. Both sources of this bonus are negated when the target has blind fight.
# This feat affects both normal and touch attacks (though the modifiers to attack rolls that this feat negates are never applied to touch attacks).
# This feat prevents one from being caught flat-footed by a hidden attacker. It does not, however, negate any other condition for being caught flat-footed.
# This feat does not protect a character from sneak attacks by an unseen (hidden or invisible) opponent (even if being unseen was the only factor permitting the sneak attack).

By all accounts it looks like it should, but I'm no expert
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Re: Blind Fight

PostAuthor: surfer69 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:48 pm

It does in terms of the attack re-roll. It's a great feat for archers. The only way you won't get the bonus is if you're blinded and can't hear the enemy, i.e., can't target them.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Blind Fight

PostAuthor: nihprodne » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:33 pm

if you melee...arch...or just roll your AB in general...take blind fight!
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