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Use Magic Device & Avlis Magic

Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team. Purpose is to facilitate Team/Player communication.

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Use Magic Device & Avlis Magic

PostAuthor: Buddha » Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:36 pm


Something last weekend got me kind of curious about UMD and the way magic works on Avlis. I ... um ... came across some Robes of Verossa, read the description, and saw that they were druid only. I also noticed that, surprisingly, I could equip them. Made for some neat role play while my character walked around going "Oooooo! I'm a druid of Verossa" only to nearly get smacked down (and then receiving a good tongue lashing) from some folks out in the woods.

Anyway, that got me to thinking. With UMD, in theory I could use item unique properties. Of course, being more curious than wise, I tried it -- and the robes vanished from my inventory! Pretty cool, though not sure if that is a feature or a bug.

So that leads me to this question (and yes, I've searched the forums without much luck). With Andrinor or the appropriate deity pretty much controlling all magic in Avlis, how does UMD work? Is it possible to use clerical devices? Mage devices? If so, what's the IG reason behind this? I guess I could understand items with "charges" being usable, but what about use/day items?

In PnP, UMD usually treats magic devices like a loaded gun. Basically, UMD allows you to pull the trigger. In Avlis, is Andrinor or the respective deity kind of like a "safety" that you can't turn off prior to pulling the trigger?
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