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Dead Horse: Why Does Robbing Some Houses Give Me Chaos Pts?

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Dead Horse: Why Does Robbing Some Houses Give Me Chaos Pts?

PostAuthor: Deider » Thu Apr 21, 2005 12:24 pm

The Short Answer: this is an Avlis house rule.

The Long Answer: in Avlis it’s very easy to become Evil or Chaotic, and it’s very difficult to become Lawful or Good. There are many reasons it’s been set up this way, two of which are:

1. This mirrors real life. It’s hard to actually follow every law, or to adhere to a code of conduct. It’s hard to be a good Christian, or a good Muslim, or a good Buddhist, for example. Conversely, it’s easy to do what you want – it’s easy to check these forums at work even if it’s against company policy, it’s easy to cheat on your taxes or your wife, it’s easy to ignore the suffering of others.
2. Avlis is not a simple MUD. Orleron has mentioned in the past an anecdote from his MUDding days, where he kept a set of gear specific to each alignment. When he found a situation where the evil-only gear was best, he’d go find a way to become evil, strap on the gear, and take care of business. Same with the good-only gear. Alignment is supposed to be a defining trait your character, not something you change like your clothes to suit your whim or fancy.

So if you rob certain houses, your alignment will take a Chaotic hit, just as if you kill commoners it will take an Evil hit.
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