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offering music and sound effects

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offering music and sound effects

PostAuthor: sinn » Sun Mar 28, 2004 8:42 pm

while Avlis is down and I am downloading the CEP hak I decided to post a thought that I have been having for nearly as long as I have been playing Avlis

I have a bit of experience with music.. I have played a few bands while I was younger.. and I still play keyboard and mix music quite offend. Who would I talk or PM about supplying custom music for Avlis? Also I have thought of add more custom sound effects. Like different bird songs or calls while in the wilderness in certain areas. Or other animal or city sounds. I have quite a few ideas.. even a few quests ideas that include sounds :)

I know that this might take even more time away from me playing .. but I think I can help out a bit... IF we are looking for new music for temples, caves, cliffs, tree tops, ect.. ect.. OR IF others think it would be cool to put in more triggered sound effects.. bird calls, roars, breaking glass in a tavern, dipping sounds in the sewers.. ect..ect..

OH and I am NOT a scripter or builder.. I just would offer sound bites and songs for the builders to input

well what do you guys think :)

P.S. who ever put the triggered whistling in the wilderness near the Romini camp.. thanks it adds a bit of favor to an area many people just run through...
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