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broken spells...

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broken spells...

PostAuthor: sly_1 » Sun Mar 14, 2004 6:08 pm

I was reading on the R&R boards about how certain spells don't work properly. The spell in question was Storm of Vengeance, but if sov doesn't work I'm guessing other spells like entangle, web, vine mine, stinking cloud, etc. don't work.

Anyway, I've seen all those spells work perfectly fine on other PW servers with 30+ players online crafting, fighting monsters, etc without the use of hakpaks...

I'm no scripter but here's the explanation I was given:

"[spells like sov, web, stinking cloud etc] create persistent (though temporary) area of effects. The problem is essentially BW/NWN. In technical terms on a large busy module the heartbeat of the persistent area of effect (which does all the work) is given such a low priority that it is likely it won't even beat once during the duration of the spell."

I don't know how the scripters at that world got around it, but if you like, a could try to put someone from the avlis team in touch with the guy who came up with the solution on that world. I think it had something to do with reasigning the heartbeat of the persistent effect, but hell if I know. To me a script is something they use for the movies.

Anyway, just a suggestion. ;)
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PostAuthor: MorphlingROR » Sun Mar 14, 2004 6:28 pm

It might well be the case actually. It seems some things have a lesser priority when there is not enough processing power to resolve everything in time. I had noticed that on my very old PC while playing single-player campaigns, when I was getting huge spawns and the game was slowing down, monster's AI stopped reacting and the character could beat them down while they were just standing idly. And when their amounts were reduced enough, the rest finally started attacking. Of course on the new and fast PC it's completely different now.

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PostAuthor: sarek88 » Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:38 am

My cleric's Magic circle against alignment also seems like it lasts a really short period of time. It is supposed to last 1 hour/level but I am level six and it barely lasts a few minutes. (much shorter than bull strength that has the same amount of time of effectiveness). Is this a bioware bug or an avlis bug?
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PostAuthor: Jordicus » Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:28 am

Magic Circle is a bioware bug.. it seems that it was coded in such a way that the spell cancels as soon as you move after casting it. but not consistantly either
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