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Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team. Purpose is to facilitate Team/Player communication.

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PostAuthor: Fuzz » Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:22 am

2 questions, really... one for the staff, particularly Orl and Silk, the other to everyone in general.

A little backstory first.
I started playing a female Half-Nymph character that was born and raised fully in Nymph society recently. Up until now, I'd noticed all the Half-Nymph PCs were basically just like any other PC, and their half-nymphedness really made no difference on their playstyle, other than the fact that they usually were a Charisma-heavy class, and thus had massive Charisma to be very effective.

I decided to break the mold. (Any that have had contact with Kiryan, feel free to comment)

The question I have is in regard to Avlis and CoPaP in general's "new" (more like old, just official now) stance of RPing sexuality. The char is almost always naked, (though that seems to be slowly changing through RP) and approaches the concept of sexuality from a more naturalistic perspective than some empassioned view. I sort of blazed my own trail on that, and here's my rationale:

In base D&D, Titanean Nymphs are only female... they are also horny and will basically seduce anything with the proper sexual organs. In Avlis, O'ma's Nymphs are both male and female. As such, I decided that they probably have their own social structure and culture, and as opposed to the D&D mindset of being sex fiends, they simply treat sex as a commonplace social interaction, going so far as to use it, and their sexual organs, simply to communicate with other Nymphs. As such, the character has a very different view on concepts like nudity and sexuality. I created this view from the info on the boards, as well as from the info shared at the last PnP game at Silk's house, which was set during the Fairy War, and thus had a lot of Nymphs and Dryads and such in it, to make some observations on.

In terms of play, I've been trying to be very careful about the representation of said stance ingame. I usually talk to people OOC to get a feel of their reaction to the character, and if it's unfavorable, I just tone it down... for the most part, the character has been well recieved... I have, in fact, recieved quite a few compliments on the original approach, which I find flattering.

The main point to this post, other than the questions, is that is that really pushing the envelope on the topic? I have a very clear line on what is and is not admissable for the character to do IC... in my mind. Something like flirtation (although for her, it's more functional than emotional, simply because that is how she was raised) is fine, but going so far as to RP sexual congress and whatnot would be definately out of the question, that's just my personal thing. I just want some team comments on what you think of the whole situation, since I find it has created a very distinct RP feel, but it does, of course, run the risk of offending someone.

The question I had for the team was simply whether or not I am way out on a limb with my representation of Nymph/Fae culture. Are O'Ma nymphs just like their Titanian counterparts? I would like to think that as a full race, they would have their own ethical structure and whatnot, however different it may be from the culture of the majority of Avlis. Some more info would be appreciated.

My question to the rest of the community is simply whether or not you would be offended if you encountered a character like that. After taking some suggestions into account, I rerolled the characcter to remove the joke description she had before, and put in a much more serious one. In all honesty, the character was started months ago as a joke character just to play around with, but I never played around with her, and she ultimately became a very cool idea. So if you've encountered Kiryan before and read the description, read it again next time you see her, it actually does have pertinent info about her that your character should know. (debates on Buff info and whatnot be damned)

Think that's about it. Thanks ahead of time for any information/comments.
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PostAuthor: par700 » Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:40 am

I have encountered Kiryan. And thanks for reminding me to check your description. :wink:

I watched you interact with NPC's around Elf Gate and found nothing offensive. Well except that you didn't hit on my exceptionally well groomed, and well dressed(oh yeah you don't like clothes) blue gnome. :P I was totally facinated by her that I just stood back, watched, and gaped, then you left. :(

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PostAuthor: Guest » Mon Mar 01, 2004 3:38 am

bump bump


PostAuthor: Orleron » Mon Mar 01, 2004 5:33 am

Both the O'ma and Titanian fairy races are schizophrenic in a way. On the one hand, they all possess a very light attitude towards life and living things around them. Depending on what species of fairy they are, they accentuate different things. Yes, nymphs do tend to lean towards the expression of sexuality as part of their culture and behavior, whereas fairies are more playful in an innocent kind of way. Dryads are generally somewhere in the middle, as they are the epitomy of nature itself.

On the other hand, any fairy race on either side of the racial barrier can become suddenly serious and driven to action, even violent action, with the appropriate triggers. When this happens, many of their happy-go-lucky aspects are tossed aside and replaced with blind passion for their cause. This too is part of their culture.
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