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Templars (O'ma and Otherwise)

Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team. Purpose is to facilitate Team/Player communication.

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Templars (O'ma and Otherwise)

PostAuthor: Lance Goodman » Thu May 26, 2016 2:46 am

Hey everyone,

Quick question regarding Templars. I read through the Avlis PnP sourceobok, where it mentioned templars as a PC class. Do they exist as NPC's in the NWN version of Avlis? If so, would any of our PC's encounter them, or are they fairly rare?

Secondly, regarding Champions/Templars. Champions are the newest of the HW's. Before they existed there were "Templars." Are those Templars synonymous with the PnP version, or different? How far back in history do the original O'man templars go (idea brewing for this)? Is there any IC explanation for the late formation of HW's, or is it more a Greater God thought "huh, I really need some enforcers, so let's do this"?

Any thoughts are appreciated! :)

Lance Goodman
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Re: Templars (O'ma and Otherwise)

PostAuthor: Sunscream » Thu May 26, 2016 3:39 am

The two "templars" are different.

The first you mentioned is the umbrella prestige class in Avlis PnP for pseudo holy warriors for other gods. The main difference being they wield less holy power due to their patrons not being one of the nine. In NWN Avlis, those groups would exist but the term templar likely wouldn't be used universally.

For the O'Ma related templars, they weren't the prestige class templars. this is still accurate:

Orleron wrote:Neutral Good: Champion
Worships: O'Ma

Champions are the youngest of the holy warrior orders. They were founded about 50 years prior by a half-nymph woman named Vanoviel Niltaurwen, who was the first champion. Before a great battle among the gods, Vanoviel was charged by O'Ma with the task of forming the Champions of O'Ma and spreading them throughout Avlis.

Before this, there was another order associated with O'Ma's church. It was known as the Templars of O'Ma. The templars were slightly different. Instead of being fully integrated holy warriors, they were largely a mercenary force of fighters who were also trained minimally in the religious ways of O'Ma. They acted mainly as a bodyguard unit for travelling clerics. Throughout history, clerics of O'Ma have been subject to much distrust and sabatoge by sympathizers of Titania, and other troublemakers. It was the job of the templars to keep this nonsense at bay.

When creating the champions, Vanoviel recruited heavily among the templars. Eventually, they were dissolved and all of them were trained as champions. Nowadays, the templar program exists only as a first step in preparing for champion-hood. Other orders of training also exist for the same purpose, such as the Order of O'Ma.

The champion fighting style is modelled largely after its founder. Vanoviel is well known for her dual-wielding style of longsword and shortsword. Other dual combinations are also taught, but this one is the most common seen in champions. Heavy armor is also the norm, though some of the more slim-bodied members will opt for medium armor instead.

The Champions of O'Ma still do largely the same tasks as the templars did. They guard the clerics of O'Ma in their work. However, they now also have missions of their own assigned by Vanoviel and guided by her lesser cohorts. Chain of command proceeds up from one champion to the next most powerful, until the matters are decided by Vanoviel's advisors and Vanoviel herself. Currently, the base of operations for the champions is in the city of Elysia. This is their headquarters, but there are units of champions spread all over Avlis performing various missions.

Concerning your last question, you'd have to pick Orleron's head for why some of the Greater Gods would wait so long to make holy warriors. But as far as what went into O'Ma's decision once it did happen, you are pretty much right. It was a good time for enforcers: Valok soon had to be Godslayered from Elysium, You had Elysia being founded, and Vanoviel was pretty bad ass.
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Re: Templars (O'ma and Otherwise)

PostAuthor: Lance Goodman » Thu May 26, 2016 7:03 pm

Thanks for the information! I'm mainly interested in IC finding out more about the early churches and key players (legendary figures, etc.) in their formation, so I'll see what I can find out. If some of that information's not IG, is it something we can work with the team with to flesh out a little? Don't want to step on anyone's toes as far as sources or things go, so no worries either way!

Lance Goodman
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Posts: 322
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