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Lost XPs

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Lost XPs

PostAuthor: badjabadjabadja » Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:53 am

Hi Team,

Any chance of getting this replaced? No biggy if it's a pain to sort out.

GS: badjabadjabadja

Forum: badjabadjabadja

PC: Malwin Bookenbender

PC had been left idle on Arkaz since end of last year/early Jan this year. Bought him back to park him up in Deglos, but on the portal into Deglos hung, and upon checking the log I noted the following:

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] You are now logging into: Deglos


[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Welcome to Avlis.

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Experience Points Gained: 42750

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Your character has gained enough experience to advance a level.

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Avlis XP System: XP Cap Remaining 10001 Experience Points.

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Your timer began on Day 16505

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] It is now Day 16907

[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Sat Apr 16 10:57:15] Your timer will reset on Day 16904

After leaving it for some minutes I decided the server had crashed, terminated my client & re-logged into Deglos. At this point the PC no longer had any of the bonus XP noted in the log above - presumably because the server crashed on log-in and it failed to write to the DB?

I have logged this on the bug tracker, along with an alternative way to lose this sort of XP! (not claiming for the other loss as technically it was avoidable.. )

Cheers ~badja

Edit: Praise Maleki! :twisted:
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Re: Lost XPs

PostAuthor: Angel of Death » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:33 am

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