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Are cleric PCs of Foreign deities able to use AHS?

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Are cleric PCs of Foreign deities able to use AHS?

PostAuthor: galen_macbyrne » Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:42 pm

I notice there are still problems for several cleric PC's with the AHS as per the AHS - Explained? topic on the Clerics forum (viewtopic.php?f=119&t=120072). Loki70 said earlier in the thread that my PC shouldn't be able to use the AHS since his deity is not part of the Avlis pantheon, but I'm not the only cleric PC with problems with AHS. Clangeddin is described in the IG lore and on the wiki as being consulted by Gorethar when Gorethar made dwarves on Avlis, and he first taught crafting to Avlis' dwarves. Gorethar allows him to have priests on Avlis, and
there are IG full temples in Visi and Nanshi Urbaz, places which do conversions, and shrines in several places in Deglos as well. Shrines off world too (just built one on Ysgard, there was one on Hades or Abyss too back when that was part of CoPaP, not sure of Arkaz, though there are worshippers there). There used to be more PCs who worshipped Clangeddin also (like half the Deglos Brigade), but that number is reduced now, and no other active PC Clangeddin priests, nor has anyone taken up the Clangeddin DM avatar mantle retired years ago. The other "foreign" deities have similar IG lore and stories, and also (fewer) temples and shrines; some have current DM avatars also.

Thus, though Garth got a greater god holy symbol from a DM and has 26 cleric levels and is marked "favored" by his deity, he has never been able to do either the defensive "Righteous Might" or the attacking "Prayer" schticks where you sacrifice a spell slot and use a turn undead instance, nor is he able to use his amulet holy symbol to convert a PC (which he's twice had to do with a watching DM changing the other PC's deity field). Wolfy and I tried years ago, when AHS first went in, with all the other torch holy symbols too, just in case, but they didn't work either for Garth then, nor does it work now for all the torch symbols - can't make the initial switch into a wieldable Clangeddin Holy Symbol. Haven't tried to convert a PC recently to test the ammy.

So, as it is currently coded, PC clerics of foreign deities can't use the AHS. Please confirm that, and if Clangeddin etc. are supposed to be foreign? If that's not supposed to be the case, and any PC clerics of foreign deities can use the AHS, such as clerics of Corellon Larethian, Gruumsh, Titania, Ptah, Blibdoolpoolp and Tobin (the other foreign deities consulted by the 9 about making races on Avlis - I'm not aware of any currently active PC clerics of these deities), or clerics of Ysgardian, Arkazian or Tairisian deities not listed on Avlis' wiki? Garth's been unable to use the AHS all along since the AHS went in, neither the converting other PC's portion with the amulet holy symbol, nor the offensive and defensive portions with a wieldable holy symbol. If you want I'll ask offworld if any clerics have traveled to Avlis and attempted to use the AHS, and post that info here too. At least one other PC, a cleric of Skern (Zandel) is still having problems, and Skern, though a lesser god is a part of the Avlis pantheon, born of the blood of Titania and O'Ma during the Fairy Wars, is not listed on the wiki as Foreign. As per Zandel's bug report in the bug tracker.

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Re: Are cleric PCs of Foreign deities able to use AHS?

PostAuthor: Micah » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:05 am

We're talking about this!
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