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P-Merchs: Moving and/or Adding

Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team. Purpose is to facilitate Team/Player communication.

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P-Merchs: Moving and/or Adding

PostAuthor: Isadora » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:33 pm

If players want more and new p-merchs to buy for their characters now, what does the team think of all the inactive p-merchs that take up space? How would this be dealt with? If at all? I think economy can keep a lot of players logged in, shopping and checking their stock, especially ones who are tired of crumping for money or waiting for event loot.

If new p-merchs are added would there be a new stipulation to make sure we don't get a row of useless NPCs again? Like 6 months-1 year of inactivity gets your p-merch stuff moved to a box in the basement?

Edit: Yes sorry, to clarify I really AM talking about all those Farmers Markets
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Re: P-Merchs: Moving and/or Adding

PostAuthor: Toadyx » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:46 pm

The issue seems to be with the "farmers market" type p-merchants principally (and I have one of those).
Suggest the active ones are consolidated into a single existing location (pick one). The inactive ones in that location are swapped out, but not deleted. They get back-filled into the other areas. No, I don't know how much work that is or even if it is possible.
Then at least players would know where the active ones are ( yeah I know they could advertise now ).

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