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Avlis policy on: Abusing NPC AI

Rules and Guidelines

Moderator: Dungeon Masters

Avlis policy on: Abusing NPC AI

PostAuthor: Nighthawk4 » Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:47 pm

*This is an update and replaces previous Rulings on AI Abuse*

In General

Most areas within the Game have only a very small number of NPCs. Most of these are pretty low-level and so are easy to kill. This may make them seem an easy target if you feel like 'being Evil'.

However, most areas, especially the major cities, have a population far larger than these few NPCs . Also, many of these people are experienced fighters or powerful mages - not just level 1 Commoners. Therefore, it does not make sense IC for one or two PCs to go on a rampage in a City and kill every NPC they find. This would represent those one or two people killing hundreds, if not thousands, of people. You are not Chuck Norris or Stephen Seagal. Your PC is not capable of killing this many people without a scratch.

The correct way to do this is to ask for a DM to watch over your attack. The DM will then sound the alarm, attracting all PCs on the server to the area of the attack. He or she will also summon a large number of guards, who will probably be beefed up enough to allow your PC an opportunity to visit your Deity at least once. :twisted:

This may not be the result you hoped for, but is much more realistic and in character.


You sneak up to the City and start your attack. You might attack the gates openly, or you might wait until you have reached the inner areas before your attack - more like a Terrorist attack. If you do not have a DM watching, then you kill every NPC around, gain about 1 or 2 XP each and we get annoyed afterwards.

If you have DM supervision, you get a much more realistic result. If you are strong enough, then you might get some reasonable XP and maybe even a cookie or two from the DM. If not, then maybe your God will give you tips on better tactics.


These are not as poorly defended as they might appear. Although you only see one Priest or Priestess, this is a Holy Place - the Gods get upset if their personal temple is desecrated. The Gods are powerful and will pwn you if you upset them.

Seriously, a Temple must not be attacked without DM approval and supervision. No exceptions, please don't do it.

Outlying Farms and Villages

These will still have a lot more people than you actually see. Since the War only ended recently, you can safely assume that most of these know how to use a weapon. Although a successful attack on these is much more likely, even these should not be as easy as they might seem. The occasional assault on a small farm might be acceptable, although it is still worth just mentioning this to a DM first - in case he or she wishes to spice it up a little for you.


If you just want to play at being Evil and kill a few easy NPCs, then perhaps you have the wrong impression of playing an Evil PC. If you prefer a realistic challenge, then a friendly note to your local DM will prove much more satisfying an event for you. :wink:

In WoW, all Cities and Towns are guarded by Elite NPCs of the opposite faction to your PC. Thus, you might be able to make an assault on one of these if you are strong enough, but it will not be easy. Killing Commoners gains you no XP. In Avlis, we do not have that facility, as there are far more than just two factions. So here, you need a DM to assist you.

Unless you prefer to be pwned by us of course :wink:


A breach of these Rules will result in an OOC consequence for you and probably IC consequences for your PC. Remember, the actions of your PC will annoy a lot of powerful people in Game. However, it is also Breaking the Rules, which will be dealt with OOC. It might get your whole character list jailed for a while (meaning you cannot play on Avlis), or repeat offences might even get you Banned permanently.

Do not do this.

*This is an update and replaces previous Rulings on AI Abuse*
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PostAuthor: Jazz » Sun Feb 25, 2007 2:08 am


Mostly for the newer players:
If a Guard, or any other NPC doesn't react to, let's say, you bashing in the door of a NPC owned house, this does not mean they do not see it. Only when DM's are around they can come to life and stop you. But DM's might not have the time to do that at that moment.

Just don't be a fool and ignore NPC's. Immerse yourself in the game and you'll see you have much better time. Robbing houses for a few gold coins means nothing in the long run.

Further more, don't log out if you do get caught. Face the consequences. Logging to avaid IG consequences is something the team will investigate, and will take measures if needed, up to VaultJail or Banning.

Game on!
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PostAuthor: Ghostie » Wed Apr 04, 2007 7:29 am

*Bump* With the increased use of IG transportation please keep this rule in mind.
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PostAuthor: spool32 » Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:02 pm

Ghostie wrote:*Bump* With the increased use of IG transportation please keep this rule in mind.


There are IC rules and regulations governing the new transportation systems, and if you contribute enough to making them seem to be an escape hatch after getting busted by the guard, you may find that the transportation has been altogether deactivated in your home town.

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