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Ruling on who is welcome in Kurathene

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Ruling on who is welcome in Kurathene

PostAuthor: GHENGIZ.KHAN » Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:24 am

Thalarian Arc'Thass wrote:It came to our attention that there might be a few misunderstandings about what PCs are welcome to paticipate in the Fief Wars.

We heard that some people are worried that their old PCs are not really welcome there due to their uberness in terms of gear or levels or because they are lacking an IC 'reason' to be there in the opinion of other players. Is it true that some of you feel like this?

If so, please let me get this straight:
There are NO restrictions on who can come and play on this server, everbody is cordially invited to come up north and check it out.
Of course we wanted to encourage those of you who are interested in Kurathene to roll up a new lvl1 PC but if you want to bring your main, please do so, thats ok too! :P

This is not a player recruiting post, but we want to make absolutely sure that there are no OOC misunderstandings or bad feelings here. ;)

Also to those of you who are in certain guilds that might have affiliations with some NPC fiefs in the north ;) , we think about opening those NPC fiefs for players who want to join the NPC army and support them on the battlefields. You will find a post about that in your private guild boards soon, or pm me if you think your guild should be involved.
In this particular case, we'll have a similar situation like the M'Chek- T'Nanshi setup. You'll get soldier status (if you want it) but you will not really have much influence on the NPC fiefs politics, as the governments are NPC run, like in the south.

Questions or comments? :P

Game on!
~Thal for the Kurathene Team

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