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Avlis policy on: Multiple characters in the same Guild

Rules and Guidelines

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Avlis policy on: Multiple characters in the same Guild

PostAuthor: Thalarian Arc'Thass » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:04 pm

Thalarian Arc'Thass wrote:Avlis Rule on having multiple characters in the same Guild:

A player may NOT have multiple characters in the same guild if persistent storage (in ANY form) is shared in the Guild Hall.

There are no exemptions from this rule, it does not matter if the characters have access to the guildhall or not, what kind of guild it is that shares common persistant storage or if the player uses different gamespy accounts.

Only ONE CHARACTER PER PLAYER can be a member of such a guild.

Plethora wrote:This of course also applies to shared playerhousing, shops, and anywhere there is shared storage, not just guild halls.
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