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Warning: Recreating characters with the same name

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Warning: Recreating characters with the same name

PostAuthor: Nighthawk4 » Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:17 pm

A number of times recently, we have had reports of Players who have encountered problems when they tried to recreate a character with the same name.

Very often, a Player will think up a character build and a name for that character. Then, they decide they made a bad choice about some aspect of the character design - the wrong Class, the wrong alignment, a head which disappeared once they used the Custom Character convertor, or whatever reason. So they make a new character with the same name.

This is a bad idea

We have no problem with you making a new character and not using the original. However, you must use a different name. It can be only slightly different - maybe a different spelling, or with a full stop (period) after the name, or an extra space between the first and last name. The only requirement is that it is not identical.

If they are identical, the Database gets confused and you will probably get your original character back again, or worse. So, please don't do that.

Lastly, please remember that you must not try to transfer items between characters. If you do, then you will get caught and most likely, you will get banned from Avlis. So don't do that either.

Just make a new character, making sure the name is different and forget the old one. :wink:
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