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Clarification on the banning process

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Clarification on the banning process

PostAuthor: Orleron » Sun May 16, 2004 5:48 pm

The Avlis Team will very very rarely ban someone without warning. We do not support that kind of action.

When someone is perceived breaking a rule, a DM will start up a thread on them in our Watchlist (and the CoPaP watchlist), and then place the player in jail to talk to them. Usually, we do not do this for powergaming, meaning you won't get a watchlist thread for it. However, for all the other stuff, you will.

After being talked to, the player is free to go turn over a new leaf, and most times, we never have to speak to them again in any negative way. However, if you are caught breaking a rule AGAIN, you will be jailed again and talked to again. This time, your case will be looked at more clearly.

If you have broken a major rule, you will likely get banned after this. However, if it's not such a major rule, then you'll likely get vault jailed, meaning your characters will be taken out of your vault for a period of time, usually 5+ days. In the case of vault jailing, you will be allowed to come back and play as if nothing happened.
You are considered to be getting another chance.

There is a corollary to all this.... The entire process above can be circumvented at ANY time, if you make yourself a nuisance in the community, or a nuisance to the DM's. If you begin to do things that are considered detrimental to the community, or just plain piss us off, we reserve the right to ban you at will, from both the boards and the game. The cases of this are luckily only found on the extreme ends of people who've plagued us, but we want you to know nonetheless that it can happen.

Avlis is a password protected server. You must apply to get into it, though the application process is not hard to pass. Other servers will scrutinize your application BEFORE you get in, often cutting out some potentially good players. We reserve the right to scrutinize you AFTER you get in, and AFTER you've had your chance. If you prove to be someone who does not fit in, you're gone. I think that's a superior method to the other method of scrutinization, where you won't even be allowed to prove yourself to begin with.
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PostAuthor: Jordicus » Mon Jul 26, 2004 12:31 pm

to give some further clarification here for players:

If you are found to be duping, you will be banned immediately. No warning.

And if you think we won't find out that you are duping, then you have your head buried in the sand or some other dark smelly place....
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