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Avlis policy on: Start Areas

Rules and Guidelines

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Avlis policy on: Start Areas

PostAuthor: Aloro » Fri May 07, 2004 5:23 am

Start Areas (those little tents) are OOC areas. This means that anything that happens in them is OOC, as they are not properly part of Avlis.

As a result, combat in Start Areas is forbidden. ALL combat in Avlis is CvC, not PvP, and since Start Areas are OOC areas, CvC combat cannot take place there. Don't EVER kill someone in those areas, folks. Also, don't pick people's pockets or in any other way adversely interact with people.

Start Areas can be safely used to log in and then go afk, because your character is 100% safe there. The Team will look very unkindly on any reports of abuse in these areas.

- Aloro
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