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Avlis policy on: Player Character Backgrounds

Rules and Guidelines

Moderator: Dungeon Masters

Avlis policy on: Player Character Backgrounds

PostAuthor: choraldances » Tue Feb 03, 2004 5:52 pm

Avlis policy #1208901 on Avlis Date 2105, Fall

RE: Avlisian Player Character's Background.

This policy:


by Captain Orleron is a general guideline regarding cheesing a character race. It will always stand. The purpose of that thread was meant to incorporate all of the cheesing aspects of a player character background. But the team would like to clarify what this means a bit.

In addition to Player Character races, the PC's background could have the possibility of falling into this cheesing category. Though it is perfectly IC to have one of the following traits in your background, you MUST have an approval of a (vet or senior) DM before you can RP this out.

This list is an example, not exclusive.

1) PC's are assumed to NOT to have any direct/blood relationship (Son, Daughter, wife, husband, lover, etc...) to deities.

2) PC's are assumed to NOT to have any special "gateway" from a foreign world to Avlis, ie: Magical Cloud, Divine intervention, Special Borg Spaceship, Birth from a Rock, Formed by the faeces of a god, transport via a microbiomolecular transport, etc. (Exception: Other than CoPaP, in which case, you must make your character in that CoPaP World then come to Avlis ICly).

3) PC's are assumed to NOT to have any special blood of non-playable avlisian races. (Drow, Vampires, Vampyres, Balors, chickens, demons, badgers, Celestials, Dragons, etc..)

We encourage players to come up with great backgrounds for their PC's, but like in PnP, if your character has a special background, you must clear it with the DM. We are just making sure the players know that.

Thank you

Avlis DM's

-Thread Locked, discuss elsewhere.
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PostAuthor: Jazz » Mon Dec 18, 2006 5:50 pm

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