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Avlis policy on: Guild Tokens

Rules and Guidelines

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Avlis policy on: Guild Tokens

PostAuthor: Alexandru Stanicu » Wed Nov 26, 2003 11:11 pm

The team would like to remind everyone that looting of Guild Token Items, House/Inn Keys, army uniforms,Guild Tokens Dropped by NPC's, etc is forbidden.
If you loot one of these items you need to contact the person you took it from and return it (not ransom it back) right away.
If you have had one of these items looted from you, and another player contacts you to return them, please keep the return OOC, and do not take any actions against the player durring this exchange.

Guild tokens are not to be sold or traded.

The team wants players to resolve these sorts of things among themselves, but if players cannot then the team will get involved.

-Alexandru Stanicu
Avlis Team, Senior DM

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