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Avlis policy on: Unsolicited Player Content

Rules and Guidelines

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Avlis policy on: Unsolicited Player Content

PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:41 pm

As a general rule, the Avils Team does not accept:

1) Player requests for custom-made items

2) Player requests for items they made in the toolset to be inserted into the game.


1) Allowing something like this would bog down the team with player requests to have their stuff put into the game.

2) People who are on the Avlis Team or subcontracted to the Avlis Team follow item making standards for resrefs, tags, descriptons, and identified toggles that people who are not involved with us do not know about. Allowing unsolicited player content screws this up.

3) There is always the possiblity that the item made by the plaeyr can unbalance the game.

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