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General Rules of Avlis

Rules and Guidelines

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General Rules of Avlis

PostAuthor: Orleron » Wed Apr 23, 2003 3:21 pm

1) Grief-style playing, or griefing, is illegal. Griefing is defined by any style of play that makes the person playing a character feel genuine distress and anger through disruption of their gaming session.

2) Avlis is a roleplaying server. People should be in character at all times. Shouting is disabled. Using tells, IRC, and teamspeak to convey in-character information is illegal, however it is ok to use these media to talk about out of game things.

3) Player vs. Player combat is illegal. However, Character vs. Character combat is LEGAL. A "player" is defined by the person sitting behind the screen playing the game. A "character" is defined by the alternate personality you portray within the game. Characters can have disagreements and fight over them, but as soon as it becomes a personal matter between the players behind the characters, it is no longer justified.

4) Exploitation of bugs to gain experience, wealth, or to save time is illegal and a bannable offense. This includes duplicating items and inappropriate server hopping.

5) Common sense is a rule. If an action goes against common sense, it's not legal.

For a more extensive list see Avlis Rules
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Re: General Rules of Avlis

PostAuthor: Furin » Tue Apr 29, 2003 7:53 pm

Orleron wrote:5) Common sense is a rule. If an action goes against common sense, it's not legal.

This one is brilliant: being a bonehead is hereby prohibited!

(Of course, I'd guess that IC boneheadedness, such as Ugg the not-so-sharp half-orc starting a trading business in which he buys necklaces from a merchant for 10gp and sells them back to the same merchant for 8gp, would be permissible--but don't try this if your char has an INT score greater than, say, 8, or you will be subject to punishment!)

Wishing that the U.S. Congress would pick up on this wonderful rule,

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PostAuthor: Terent » Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:05 pm

Just to bad that common sense aint so common though, But hopefully the message gets through :)

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