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Death And XP, and leaving.

A forum to comment on any Avlis material you've read, and to ask questions about it.

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Death And XP, and leaving.

PostAuthor: Sherok » Fri May 09, 2003 1:02 pm

My character died last night*sob* and went to Hades, After searching I could not find a way out(I wasnt aware that it is hard to find) so I started to talk to the tortured soul, after realizing that they were no help I figued I might have to kill some of the totured souls to get out, so I killed about 8 of them and appeared at the temple(this might have been DM doing Im not sure) but when I came back from death I noticed I had compiled about 200-300 Xp and had a pack full of +1 clubs. This seems like a reward for dying. I didnt mean to exploit anything. Is this what happens every time a character dies? Should I just have looked for a area transition? I did ask the DM for help leaving so Im not sure if killing the souls was my out or if he pulled me out.
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PostAuthor: Sindol » Fri May 09, 2003 1:18 pm

Each deathplane has (or will have) it's own deathquest, which you have to complete to leave the plane, unless someone raises your corpse.

What you describe sounds like the death quest for the afterlife you were in and the teleport is alright and part of the quest: it means you have completed it and you are worthy to return to the realm of the living.

As far as the mass of magic clubs is concerned: that could be a bug or oversight. I will transfer a copy of this post to the bug forum so our experts can check that.
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