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Death Question

A forum to comment on any Avlis material you've read, and to ask questions about it.

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Death Question

PostAuthor: Morbid Ridicule » Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:10 pm

When someone in Avlis dies, they go to their alignment plane. If they find the exit, they end up in the Mikon Sanctuary (in Mikona). Is there an in-character explanation for this? I imagine, hypothetically, the death planes weren't designed to be easily escapable...

How should I explain that my character died to others in the game?

If you're out looking for your things, what do you tell people?

- it might just be me, but "I'm looking for my corpse" seems kinda funny.


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Morbid Ridicule
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PostAuthor: izyk » Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:21 pm

If you accept the idea of spiritual ressurection into a duplication of your own body, well, its a small jump to accepting the sentence "I am looking for my corpse."

I have always played it this way...some of us are fated to serve our gods in one way or another. We are not permitted to pass on until that task is done. Adventurers are born from that breed that discover they can't die.

Thats the rational Zachar uses, so you may feel free to use it yourself. In a world where magic users can stop time itself, I have little trouble believing in deity ressurection. :->
Zachar Mordecai
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PostAuthor: izyk » Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:23 pm

Oh, and thank your gods you have an easy time exiting the death planes. Some people dont.......if you have an evil alignment, it can be seriously tough to exit the death planes.

One of many reasons to preserve a good alignment if at all possible.
Zachar Mordecai
Right and Proper Society of the Iron Mantis
( aka Izyk G )
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PostAuthor: Narwen Sylva » Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:32 pm

My IC explanation is that my god feels I am of more use on Avlis than in Elysium. I usually go looking for my "body," as that almost makes it seem like the me wandering naked is somehow incomplete.

I think of it like my spirit is in transit, and given some time to reclaim my earthly form before it turns into a corpse and I am totally dead.

Narwen Sylva
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PostAuthor: jadeia » Fri Mar 28, 2003 6:16 am

The only way you character can truly die in avlis is:

1) You powergame and grief, resulting in a ban

2) You constantly log out during the dying script, resulting in a ban

3) You PM Orleron with a bug report... :) resulting in a ban

4) You PM Orleron and ask him to set up a Court System, resulting in a ban

5) You log in and start abusing people with swear words OOC, and try to crash the server, resulting in a ban

6) did I mention the legal system already?


7) You put Vampire in your racial description *cough cough splutter splurt never done THAT myself.. ;) *, resulting in a ban

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The above is written in humour and in no way should be taken literally. Anyone who choses to do so does so at their own risk and without any come back on Jadeia what so ever. Please send all feedback to, thanks for coming.
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PostAuthor: lord_ion » Tue Apr 01, 2003 10:16 am

You forgot putting up tons of board posts referring to your worship of something called a "Vecna".

Or how about asking for magickal items for monks. *glances around to see if anyone saw him say that*

Gotta go.

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