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Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by ninja » Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:10 pm


Ninja: Alright folks. I'm here with VoidHamlet, winner of multiple RPotM awards, and RPer of the year a few years back. Welcome to the interview VoidHamlet.

VoidHamlet: My humble thanks. Keep your pants on.

Ninja: You must mean put some pants on. :) I need to be loose when doing these interviews ya know.

VoidHamlet: I distinctly recall you mentioning that you are presently at work. Got to love this job.

Ninja: Ahh..my bit is smashed. Anyway, let's get to the most important part of the interview...you. First question, how did you find Avlis, and how long have you been playing?

VoidHamlet: I stumbled on CoPaP - and per proxy, Avlis - thanks to an acquaintance of mine who was playing at the time, the winter of 2003 going on 2004. Technically, he is the son of one of my second cousins. You do the fu- the relationship. I have been actively playing since 2004 which is to say, it has taken a good portion of my youth. I say.

Ninja: I think I began playing in 2004. It was a long time ago where I showed up at Elf Gate. What characters do you play?

VoidHamlet: Such that evade Elf Gate. Joke aside, I have not exactly rolled up my sleeves and said, "There, I'll play a lofty wizard" or "There, I'll play a vagabond". Sure, I feel more comfortable playing certain classes, - clerics are my forte. But Avlis is unique in that it might push your character every which way. I could say, I have ended up playing survivours. On a sideway note, the characters I have become (in)famous for, - Miriel first and foremost, - are outsiders naturalized to Avlis. For all this time, I have found myself unable to create a natural born Avlissian and stick with him/her. Go figure.

Ninja: I'm sure over the last 7 (has it been SEVEN?) years, you have seen a lot of stuff on Avlis. What keeps you motivated to play here?

VoidHamlet: It's the community, first and foremost. The carebears, the oddbears, the tale spinners. I have met some truly amazing fellow daydreamers here and am certain that I am not the only one who has found friends for life. Nine Hells, Avlis players even get married ever so often, y'know? To each other, that is. Ain't that something.

Ninja: That is something for sure. Although I have learned "What happens in Nijmegen, stays in Nijmegenq". Let's talk about Miriel for a minute. She has been around actively for a while. What is your inspiration for her?

VoidHamlet: Just for a minute? Whew, that's a relief. Miriel was created as an unaligned party; "an adventurer" would be the proper world, although at present she would most certainly attempt to strangle me for saying such a thing out loud. I have not based her off any concept in particular, except maybe for her appearance: At least in the beginning, she was every bit a younger and wilder version of Roxette's lead singer Marie.

Ninja: What would you say your defining moment on Avlis is?

VoidHamlet: That would be the time I received a formal note from the Avlis team requesting me to take down my cartoons on the Xilos as they were deemed inappropriate. In all honesty, I found it rather silly and was rather pissed. But that was also when I found out that I cared enough for y'all to wave it off.

Ninja: How about your defining moment with Miriel IG?

VoidHamlet: How 'bout "my we-thought-he-was-dead husband had god-sent children from my de-facto-step-daughter and then those children played with my jawbone in the street"? And no, it's not the shock value. The sheer fact that plot-wise this was but the tip of an iceberg the size of southern Avlis, which had grown on for three RL years and where personal drama was the least concern, was what made it count.

Ninja: Let's shift away from Avlis for a bit. Do you play other games?

VoidHamlet: I mostly play tabletop RPGs. Stuck with D&D 3.5 and World of Darkness for many years but I have since also expanded my horizons to Warhammer and am currently wading into Exalted waters with good company. Other than that, I play chess.

Ninja: I'm glad you didn't say D&D 4.0. What are 5 songs that are currently in your 'playlist'?

VoidHamlet: Random five tracks from the dozen or so albums I have queued on my player: "Evidence" by Faith No More, Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" performed by Demons & Wizards, Depeche Mode's "Barrel of a Gun", "Sin" by Stone Temple Pilots and "Play Ministrel Play" by Blackmore's Night.

Ninja: What kind of work do you do?

VoidHamlet: For most of my life, I have worked for myself, as a translator/interpreter and computer fixing guy/gal. Right now, I am employed full time as part of a web hosting company's technical support team. Here you can see a typical day at work for me (well, night as it would be) fun link

Ninja: Hilarious. Never saw that before. Last question, what is something people would love to know you about that isn't gaming related?

VoidHamlet: Hilarious? It's a true representation of the harsh reality. -- One thing people would probably love to know about me in advance is that I have a bad sense of humour. Bad, as in, uncanny, or bad, as in, inept; it comes either way. That would spare everyone a lot of pain. Which has absolutely nothing to do with my covert OOC signatures in Player Housing and other Avlis areas. Now, now, don't you start turning the place upside down looking for clues.

Ninja: i do have full rights on the boards. i'm sure i can sleuth my way around. :)

VoidHamlet: It's actually in game content that I am referring to. I have a question to you, though.

Ninja: Uh oh. That sounds like trouble!

VoidHamlet: What happened in Nijmegen?

Ninja: Lots of fun with Jazz, Bas, Wyrmslayer, and the Dutchies. I think I drank myself silly at the bar Jazz worked at and a club called the NDRGRND. Whew.

VoidHamlet: Here's to hoping that after this summer's Avlis meet, "What happened in Amsterdam" will too rise to be a rhetorical question. Thank you for the spotlight, Sir.

Ninja: ..And thank you for the wonderful interview!
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by silverfields2 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:48 am

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Re: Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by Manuel the White » Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:59 am

That was a :censored:ing awesome read. Thanks!
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by Tony Wazz » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:41 pm

I have Sin by STP on one of drumming practice lists on my MP3 player.

Nice to hear about Void!
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by solitude_peace2 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:50 pm

More cowbell, please.
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : VoidHamlet

Post by sinn » Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:07 pm

you spelled Sinn wrong

for some reason this emoticon reminds me of Voider

(Still trying to figure out her sense of humor)Image
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