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Help with a few Orcish words

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:26 pm
by ArgentDuergar
Hi all, I apologise for not having posted this thread here, but I hadn't noticed this section of the forums until Hamlet pointed it out. :oops:

So I have a character (Gorstag Tessele) who is translating nine books from Common to Orcish and is therefore in need of a few extra words to exist before being able to use them. :)
I was told the Lore Council is the one I should ask about this since the people who worked on the language initially aren't around anymore, so here's the missing words (on the left) and suggestions for possible Orcish translations (on the right), quoted directly from the other thread:
ArgentDuergar wrote:
Ant - Naamluk
Bird - Biido
Box/chest/container - Zgudar
Cat - Kaato
Cow - Bak-ara
Gate - Gatu
Hero - Brug'tal
Husband - Umzmagwj
Mouse - Uultek
Owl - Vhuu
To play - Bhalem
Pixie - Shuukhjana
Shark - Kurprack
Ship - Varug
Shiny - Suzg'ai
Show (noun) - Haflakka
To sleep - Shuusk
Snake - Nokuelgl
Snow (noun) - Snobu
Storm - Buunut
Turtle - Zvrukhaga
Watch out! - Sniguk'rak! (lit. "fear it a lot!")
Wife - Zmagwja
Wind - Ortaf
Wolf - Bahgralf
Since a good portion of the existing Orcish words sound like a Japanese anime character badly attempting to speak English, about half of the suggestions above follow that scheme. The rest is based on Arabian words in agreement with the (very loose) wiki guidelines.
EDIT: Since literally no one has been left in charge of this language and Orleron has given me free reign over this situation, the words listed above will be the ones that I'm going to add to the wiki in the Orcish language page.

Re: Help with a few Orcish words

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:53 am
by ArgentDuergar
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