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Shemathen Board

Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team. Purpose is to facilitate Team/Player communication.

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Shemathen Board

PostAuthor: Galleaf » Wed Jun 11, 2014 7:14 am

I don't know if this was a DM move or just a regular mod. My Shemathen board access has been removed or I can't find it anywhere and I'm stupid. My character is still a card-carrying Shemathen. Unless there was a formal hearing to indite Selle from the guild, that I missed because I wasn't able to play, I'd like the access back please. :( I'm not really sure who else to contact about this.
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Re: Shemathen Board

PostAuthor: Plethora » Wed Jun 11, 2014 7:39 am

Confirmed and access restored.

There was a PC clean up i think, by PCs. I believe Brayon might be good to contact about that.
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