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PostAuthor: szabot » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:56 pm

Recent events in Elysia have shaken things up a bit, to say the least. Players and PCs are finding themselves in unfamiliar circumstances. Drotid PCs, for example, may be finding themselves in LEO or LEO-like circumstances for the first time. Elysia sympathizers may be finding themselves for the first time in the position of the "bad guys" as far as the local government is concerned.

Especially if you find yourself in unfamiliar positions like these, it is a good idea to review rules that you may not be entirely familiar with, or may not have entirely understood from certain perspectives. Here is a list of rules/threads/forums that I suggest reviewing:

On Spying
Gentleman's Agreement and CvC Rules
CvC Forum
Disguise Rules
Respecting NPC AI
You MAY be griefing if...

The Team has been understanding of the fact that many players are finding themselves in unfamiliar positions, but in the end everyone is expected to play by the rules.

Thanks for your understanding, and game on.
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