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custom race creator

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 2:24 am
Author: methuselah
ok, im making a mod, and i want to add some custom races to it.
things like changeling, wemics, etc..

i know i have to add the appropriate 2da's and haks to my mod so the races will work right and all, but how do i add a creator, like the one in le'or to my mod?

currently, i still have to use a character editor to change race or make a new character with the custom race i want. I'd like to automate it like it does on avlis.

do i just make an npc and add the appropriate scripts in the conversation, or is this something i can find and download somewhere? I've searched the vault for red golem's custom race content but didn't find anything i was looking for, just stuff i already had.

thanks for the help.