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NPCs spawning without drawn weapons

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2005 4:28 pm
Author: JollyOrc

I want to create NPCs that DON'T walk around as if they expect to have to bash balors every moment.

But when they get attacked, they should be able to draw a weapon and use it.

Anyone has an idea ? Either by suppressing the "equip on spawn" thing, or by telling me where to hook a "spawn weapon on NPC and have him equip it" script in case he gets into combat.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2005 4:37 pm
Author: Serineth Swiftpaw
afaik, if they don't have a weapon equiped and combat starts, they will pick the most suitable thing out of their inv and use it. You just need to stop them equiping it on startup.