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Gold won't drop alone ?

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Gold won't drop alone ?

PostAuthor: Neve » Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:34 pm

For some reason I can't get gold-only dropoffs. I tried to hard code a set amount of gold that is spawned on a creature onSpawn, and onDeath, but the gold only drops off when there's a gem or anything else dropping along aswell. Any idea why this is ? I tried the CreateGold function aswell.

Code: Select all
    int Treasure = d20();

    if(Treasure <= 10) dbCreateItemOnObject("NW_IT_GOLD001", OBJECT_SELF, FloatToInt(GetChallengeRating(OBJECT_SELF)) * d6() + 15);
    if(Treasure <= 15) CreateGem (OBJECT_SELF, GetLastKiller(), TREASURE_MEDIUM, FloatToInt(GetChallengeRating(OBJECT_SELF)) * d2());
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