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Submit a Book for Publication

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:40 pm
Author: Ronan
Wait, I can submit a book for IG publication?
Yes you can. Books submitted to Dungeon Masters will be reviewed and cost 100,000 gold to get into general publication. Send your submission to the Dungeon Masters.

What happens to a book submitted this way?
Books become available in treasure drops and you character will get a few copies personally to keep or hand out.

What's acceptable in a book?
- Books should be all in-game text/IC text.
- You should probably avoid putting in something that would be insulting or nasty to other characters or players.
- Books should avoid giving out-of-game references (existing song lyrics, referring to things like televisions that don't exist in the world, etc) - That also includes basing book from real world references, songs, poems, etc, and things that are blatantly based on modern song lyrics.
- The team will review all books and reserves the right to turn down a book.
- Please, please check your book for correct spelling and grammar before submission!

How to submit a book: Send the following to Assist Staff--
Character name:

Book Title:
Book Text:

Re: FAQ: Book submissions

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:39 pm
Author: Ronan

How long can my book be?
If you're writing a book with more than 1000 words, I strongly suggest breaking the book up into multiple books as a long book IG is hard to read due to sensitive scrolling. We may require that the book is split if it's too long.

I want to submit a book but I also want to clarify with the team that my book on advanced magic, the history of an obscure group of orcs, or the nature of fey relationships is accurate before it gets turned into a book.
Please submit the text to dungeon masters and request we check it for accuracy, or submit your questions to us before writing your text.

Can I put illustrations in my book?
This is not possible due to Bioware limitations.

Why did you replace all of my grammatically correct em dashes with grammatically incorrect hyphens?
Certain characters are unfortunately not supported in NWN item descriptions and will be replaced by the closest equivalent character.

I want my character to write a book anonymously, is this possible?
Yes. Your character doesn't need to include their name in the book text if they don't want to.

Trade fair contest?
Books submitted to the Ferrellian Bookseller's Union and earning full distribution through that IG company will be sold each trade fair rather than placed into loot. There is no cost to the PC for this.

I submitted a book over eight months ago and haven't yet gotten word. What's the status of my book?
If you've not heard word on your book and haven't sent an inquiry within the last three months please send me an inquiry, preferably with the text of the book; it may have gotten lost in paperwork. Sorry about that.

Re: Submit a Book for Publication

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:06 am
Author: Ronan
Current status

I have about 3 books submitted from mid-September to do checks on.