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Newbie Tips

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Newbie Tips

PostAuthor: Firestorm » Sun Aug 04, 2002 4:02 pm

Ok Guys i have been trying to get a lvl 1 Paladin going in Anvilis but for the life of me i cant seem to get a decent spot to gain Exp or Gold which is a problem considering everytime you die you lose your weopan so i was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on this

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PostAuthor: Corranthilus » Mon Aug 05, 2002 2:12 am

I *still* have this problem... lol

Now, this is a "roleplaying" server, so you should probably try to relax and not worry so much about gaining xp or gold.

However, I do realize that it can't be very fun to rp a penniless paladin with absolutely no power at all. I recommend trying your hardest to get a ranged weapon (if you don't already have one) and hunt the bandits and skeletons north of Mikona from a distance. Each skeleton can fetch up to one entire gold piece! Also, there is one quest I know of--find a boy called "the Alchemist's apprentice". Also, as it is mentioned in the Avlis survival guide, hunt in groups!!! That's just about all the tips I can muster... although it's probably not my place to give them, considering I'm still a level 1 ranger whose best usable items are a shortbow and a light mace (the mace was cheaper than a dagger-- 6 gp for one dagger!!! A 3gp mace gives you more for your money...)

Does someone have *real* tips?
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PostAuthor: BlackHeart » Wed Aug 07, 2002 2:25 am

The easiest way for a low level character to gain money is hope and pray for a new store quest.

Next to that look for the little boy in the market. He has a good quest for the low level characters. The carpenter will have a good one but it is buggy right now.

Talk to the clerics in th temple area some of them have some quest too.
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PostAuthor: Strangg » Wed Aug 07, 2002 3:45 am

You shuold also remeber that the goal of Avlis is a very slow XP gain. There are some who are high level and have tons of money and those players have all started new characters already. So remeber the goal is not get to 20 ASAP but roleplay and have fun. Because once you are lvl 20 there just isn't as much to do at the moment other than RP.
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