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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:47 pm
Author: gutemensch
Nawen Amakiir (not you but me)

Rade (Selunae)
You somehow managed to look more casual than usual.

Nawen Amakiir (not you but me)
well I was very casual a few moments ago

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Don't come a knocking at Drakehall that late

Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:27 am
Author: silverfields2


Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Here we are!
Tannar: whats here?
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] We have approached the boarders of T"Nanshi and are about ready to enter the cursed forest of Midnight!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] A whole lotta undead dat's what.
Tannar: oh....
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] We will face undead and all that is evil!
Slide Toefungus: [Tell] and run away. :+)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] FEAT has a strong suggestion for dealing with this terror!
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Tell] RETREAT!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Wuzzat?
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] Bash em!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Run away!
[Sun Jan 14 21:54:28] Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Stick together! And don't go in the water!
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] that too!
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] GO FEAT!

[Sun Jan 14 21:59:11] Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] um
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 16 (16 Negative Energy)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] STop..
Slide Toefungus uses Essense of Power
Someone damages Grimly Axefingler: 12 (12 Negative Energy)
[Sun Jan 14 21:59:18] Top Down Camera Activated
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 13 (13 Negative Energy)
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 11 (11 Negative Energy)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani shakes head*
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Which part of don't go in da water didn't ya get?
Logan Krowin uses Potion of Lesser Restoration
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani snorts*
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] i wus followin tha leader!
Logan Krowin: [Party] well found that out the hard way...stay on the path huh?
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani laughs*
Slide Toefungus: [Party] DON'T GO IN DA WATER!
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Well it's not a real FEATing until somebody dies.
Logan Krowin: [Party] eghads I hope not
[Sun Jan 14 22:02:42] Logan Krowin: [Party] Yea not to bad....*nearly died*
[Sun Jan 14 22:07:39] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:16:52] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:29:49] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:41:09] Vampire killed Logan Krowin

[Sun Jan 14 22:44:57] Slide Toefungus: [Party] WEll, It's an official FEAT trip now.



Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:44 am
Author: gutemensch
When your alt gets a new staff and you notice something

(in tells cause she doesn't know who Ronan is)
Dela : LOL Dela is Ronan in drag
Bette : gigglesnorts!
Verossa : *snorts drink out of nose*

Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:35 pm
Author: Baron Rosencheckl
Archibald' Thel: Just use the taint in place of the normal animating mechanism of a golem

Susan: A flesh golem? Could that work?

Archibald' Thel :The only issue is controlling it....though I guess you could just make it really want to kill a certain target and chase them to the gates

Jack Blackstrap Carter Jr. *Jack realizes he has no task in this endeavor except possibly to be chased by a hate filled flesh golem into helbyssia*

Arcadia Dias: lol

omg *falls over*

Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:46 am
Author: Ambrosia
Rade : [Party] We uh... have a proposal for the lady of the house. Is she in?
Half-Dragon Fiend: The Goddess is not to be disturbed!!
Rade : [Party] Yuh huh. She'll want to be disturbed for this.
Rade : [Party] ... Okay, the door is just a formality at this point. If I want I could get an audience with her without you knowing.
Half-Dragon Fiend: What is that sound?
Rade : [Party] It's callled a polite conversation through the door sir.
Rade : [Party] Or.. Madame? I can't tell.

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:24 pm
Author: Hamlet
The Ferrell Fair - not for the weak of heart.

The Jolly Roger dry dock embassy wrote:Ony "Sea-Shrimper" Bibi: *snickers* Captain Flapjack... got a ring to it doesn't it
Ony "Sea-Shrimper" Bibi: *stops with a cheeky grin* Ok... *protects Blackstrap's feelings*

The cleavage quandary committee wrote:Artemis Hornbow: Some nice studded leather here aye. And as a testament to false advertising, the Freecloth is actually a bit heavy and more like leather in itself.
Alaria Fryar: *chuckles* Well, I am rather going toward a healthy dose of restraint.
Nawen Amakiir: Like *shakes her head* She requires the real thing, it is for the struggle *nods-nods*
Alaria Fryar: The struggle is real. *nods to Nawen, with the air of someone who feels the gravity of the situation*
Artemis Hornbow: *nods* I can see where the extra support from the material might come in handy.