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Crafters Please Read

General discussion about Avlis

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Crafters Please Read

PostAuthor: Sephira » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:58 am

If you have need of high-level, DM-drop only components or suspect there to be DM-drop only components to some of your high level incomplete recipes, please PM me with:

  • the name of your crafter or crafters (include floaty name if different from the character's aliases)
  • your availability and timezone. Please list all times in either EST or GMT
  • the ingredients you have interest in acquiring
  • their recipe(s) or suspected recipes for your unknown or incomplete recipes
  • and which craft it is

As an example:

Your Forum Name Here wrote:Name: The Prophetess, Floaty: "Lily"
Availability: 2000 EST to 2300 EST
Ingredient: Essence of Cold
Recipe: Vellindu Balm
Craft: Carpentry

You're welcome to copy and paste that into your PM to me, but I'll warn you none of that corresponds to a real recipe ;)
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