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Re: Split Harm/Heal from Idea Box

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:05 am
Author: Micah
I love harm. Its one of those things that have haunted my characters forever. Harm found its special place in my heart the day Shaahesk priest and mage NPCs dispel-harm-disintegrated a fully buffed Finn into a literal pile of dust. It was beautiful. Finn is a harm magnet.

Harm is one of those "you get what you deserve" threats, given how easy it is to counter it, but if you don't have any IC (or OOC) knowledge how to do so, I'd say ask around in game. There are a lot of good harm soaking techniques.

As for the mechanics itself, I don't know what we can do that will make any noticeable change in gameplay. The "negative energy" end of the systems is screwed up by the prevalence of easy access to spells to counter them, then add things like wightbanes and poorly bioimplemented ability drain sources and immunities and a swath of potential is taken out of the combat system that I do not think we can get back without somebody doing some very outside the box retooling... if at all.