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Update for Nob Groups

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:31 pm
Author: Nob
Hi Guys,

I finally have an ETA on getting all my stuff back in order (this has been a longer and more headache filled process than I anticipated) - having my equipment back and operational will give me time and opportunity to get my plots back into a semblance of workability - I need to finish coming up with hooks and the overall storyline for the next part of the weekday group and get the groundwork for the Sunday group done.

So the plan will be to relaunch at the end of October - specifically October 25 for the weekday group and October 29 for the Sunday group.

Notes before we continue:
1. If you haven't submitted a character bio to me, please do so now. I'll go ahead and print up a copy and keep it in my RL files folder.
2. If you have any questions grab me on email or IRC - they're more consistent ways to get in touch with me.
3. Please be prepared to deal with the following for your characters - traumatic memories, near death experiences, loss of life/limb.
4. Mountain Dew is optional, but hot cheetos are not - make sure you stock up on them.