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Lore Council

PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:57 am
Author: Orleron
Hey there Avlissians,

The Lore Council is a small group of us, at the moment really just Nob and I with some dotted lines to the Team members of "Manager" level and above.

The purpose, although not fully realized yet, is to do these things:

1) Organize existing lore so it's easier for people to understand and dig through

2) Approve lore created by players, DM's, Team Members into Avlis Lore

3) Answer questions on Lore and handle discrepancies that people discover

4) Guide DM's through the bits of lore they use in their plots

5) Check for general continuity and sort that out when needed

Just wanted people to see this and know what's up. The Lore Council has functioned for several weeks now to approve certain lore bits submitted to us, and I hope to see the effort grow and become more integrated with the machine we call the Avlis Community.