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Re: Portal issue

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:50 pm
Author: Gorgon
If you can figure out why Deglos crashes so frequently when people portal from Ysgard, you'd be my hero Themi (seems only one way too). I had to move all my new crafting research off of the server because of so many of them in a single day, so it became less than a trivial issue again for me this week. :grumble:

I'm gonna guess it is on our end, since I usually see the person's name as they login before it boots me and resets, so it may be a Deglos script issue too. Many of the PCs causing it claim to have very small inventory counts as well (not all), so I can't even try blaming pack mules as the sole cause. The ones with 1-2,000 items still need to be stripped naked, tied up and dumped at the bottom of hell for the Pit Lord to deal with. :twisted:

There was an open bug report about it on the old tracker titled "Deglos crashes on incoming portals." but I don't see it in the new one. It in in my export data here, so maybe some of them got missed when they were exported/imported?

Re: Portal issue

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:30 pm
Author: Themicles
@Gorgon: I'd be leaning towards a scripted system that works either on area enter or on client enter or such that has been either added or changed in the last couple of years. Back in the day, Deglos only crashed frequently when characters were seriously overloaded. If its happening frequently with lighter inventories, it makes me think it has to be a change Deglos-side. I am of course assuming that the Vaultster related client enter scripting hasn't been touched since I last updated it.

There is one other possibility. PJ and I had to deal with some character BICs not being written to the hard drive fast enough. We tweaked the system to build in some delays before sending the player to be logged in on the target server. I know Avlis had a major hardware environment change a few years back when the servers left PJ's garage. We may want to compare logs to compare timing of the log entry for the BIC being written and the timing of the sending server's entry for the player leaving. Thats assuming we have our clocks synchronized anyway. If this happens to be the case, then fixing it could be as simple as adding an extra delay to the send scripts before the player is logged into the target.

Re: Portal issue

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:08 am
Author: Gorgon
Back when I was in CCC, I tried to figure this brain-stumper out for a while, with the help of a few folks from other worlds. The big problem was access to logs and details from both ends (scripts, versions and so on) when stuff happened, since it was really a guessing game without that. I didn't know much about nwnx or vaultster, so that didn't help either.

You know far more than me about the back end and vaultster, so if you can get others on board who work here now, maybe you can finally get rid of the annoying problem. It does seem to be only on the Deglos side, so at least it isn't all portals, and I think you are right about it being more of an OnEnter thing here for them.

I do know we still had a redundant dual inventory loop for checking both the gold value of inventory as well as another, that only happens with entering via off-world. I sent in a fix for that with the old inventory count on saves here a while ago, but it was lost in the multiple revisions at the end (probably because it meant more scripts changed). That might help with bloated inventories, but the lightweights shouldn't matter. Still a head-scratcher. X:|