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heads up.. Anyone with an address..

General discussion about Avlis

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heads up.. Anyone with an address..

PostAuthor: avliswebadmin » Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:42 pm

This is more a heads up for anyone that happens to have an email address, (in most cases a forwarder). I've seen a recent slew of emails with .zip attachments hitting domain addresses. Its a good bet that its something nasty like cryptolocker ransomware or another bad virus. I know it goes without saying that if you're not expecting an emails from someone, especially with attachments, then don't open it. is a decent site that can scan attachments if you are unsure about something (just upload the attachement or files). It can also scan url's for you. We've had a few nasty hits with cryptolocker on campus in the last few weeks. Its not fun to get!
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