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Re: An open question about your characters

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:42 pm
Author: amusedapathy
lets see... in order from tallest to shortest!

Kili Paltik - 4 feet of dwarfey! She is most often seen in her OOG armor, which is always polished and always carries at least one bag stuffed to the brim with flowers. She has laugh lines around her mouth, and little crows feet around her eyes. For the most part she's rather quiet, soft spoken and is happiest when she's picking flowers or making potions. She doesn't like to yell, or boss people around, but can when she has to. Her hair is always neat and tied up in pigtails, and at some point in her life made a vow never to change them. There's always the scent of mountain roses hanging around her.

Hester Greenthumb- Deep brown hair and whiskey brown eyes, with pale skin, because she's never out without her big floppy charming hat on. She's well built in a compact kind of way, with perpetual hat hair. Hester tends to be assertive and gets her idea's across, although she's sometimes insecure and will seek out her friends and elders for advice. She walks with a very pronounced limp (no matter how many heals you throw at me, it's not going away, accept it). She tries to be kind to everyone, and is very much a mama's girl who goes home at least once a week (if not more) for dinner with her family. Often seen in her Order robes, she really does prefer short skirts and tall boots.

Then there's Legs...
Two and a half feet of overgrown fairy chaos. Loud, outspoken, eats a ton of candy and enjoys a good drink. Big green eyes you can get lost in, multi color wings and hair to match, generally neatly pulled back in a ponytail with a flower of some sort tucked into it. If she wants to be seen, you know she's there... but she prefers sneaking up on her friends to tickle and run. She's excellent at finding trouble and advertises herself as a sidekick who has worked for many people. She's not much of a homebody, she gets restless if she stays in place too long. She planewalks a lot and thinks nothing of going to a different plane with the frequency that most people might visit their local potion shop. She can be annoying with her inappropriate giggles however, she does get along with most people.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:55 pm
Author: Pathos Street
Fergus is skinny... perhaps even borderline malnourished. His muscles are well defined not because they're large, but because he's otherwise skin and bones. He has shoulder-length brown hair, dark steel-blue eyes, and a narrow, aquiline nose which crooks to the left as if it was broken once or twice. He's generally well-kept in appearance, though he doesn't maintain it, so as the day wears on he'll be more wrinkled and disheveled, forgetting to comb his hair or tuck in his shirt tails. He's pale, but not unhealthily so... he merely doesn't get out in the sun often. His appearance is rather plain, and the composure, self-confidence, and dignity in his bearing tends to make him seem more charismatic than he actually is.

Around people he doesn't know or doesn't trust, he's generally quiet and observant, relaxed but circumspect. Around people he knows and trusts, he can be collegial and lighthearted, unless there are matters of import at hand, whereupon he becomes deadly serious. He can be scatterbrained or impulsive; these are traits he actively works to suppress, but which come out when he's under great stress. He also has a ridiculously precise memory at times, and can sometimes recall the specific circumstances under which he met someone upon a second encounter years later.

Generally he wears comfortable, fine but not gaudy clothes. When he's out and about he'll try to remember to wear order robes or vestments of his faith. When he's in battle, a masterwork chainmail hauberk that is sewn into an ornate blue, silver, and white robe along with his trademark "Smart Hat" is his attire of choice.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:13 am
Author: Nob
Supremely confident, and sure of who he is and what he should be doing regardless of situation. Generally cheerfully resilient, with a competent readiness, conversable and possessing of a great deal of candor. The combination of factors tend to show in his demeanor whatever he happens to be wearing, whether the fine blue/gold splendor of his dress uniform or the more workman like clothing of his sea uniforms. On the whole this combination of factors can border on arrogance, particular when combined with his tendency to be strongly persuaded he's in the right and his general impatience with authority. Has something of a vital spark of authority, though not overwhelming and allows him to make statements about how "love of crown and country keeps me warm" without appearing in the least bit ridiculous.

Traditionally - Somewhat tightly wound, there's a great degree of tension in the air around her simply from the way she carries herself, trying to appear taller than she naturally is and pulling it off if only just barely. Her expression is lively, but volatile and she tends to show much of her feeling and opinion on her face , particularly when irritated. A barely contained force of nature, and superbly aware of this fact, which kind of bleeds into arrogance.
More recently - More relaxed, and more prone to make strange observations. The air of contained force is still there, but appears less likely to simply burst. Her expression is generally serene and patient, though there are still flashes of occassional anger.

Dour, professional soldier. Treats the entire world around her as if it might be a potential battlefield from one moment to the next, light on her feet and generally exceedingly aware of her surroundings, making her appear a bit humorless.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:22 am
Author: xinogatorp
Ssamu = lisping ADHD Drangonari with a "everything must be tidy & neat" complex. He loves softskin women. He also is fond of Men.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:51 pm
Author: GunnJ
So much has happened to Thienna in the recent weeks to change her that is it hard to describe her. But since her wiki page needs updating, I've typed up what I can about her all at once.

Thienna is of average height and size for an avariel, but shapely where many other elven women are simply thin. Her skin is a creamy porcelain that easily reveals a blush. She has dark hair that is usually mistaken for black, but when the light is right shows a deep olive green. In stark contrast her eyes are a light violet. Perhaps in compliment to her eyes, she often wears a light lilac scent. Her wings are always kept downy and soft by washing out the natural oils that would normally harden them. Because of this they do not shed water as they should, and therefore she is always ready to cast a shield at the first hint of rain. Her one bad habit that she finally seems to have grown out of was to shred the tip of a trailing feather.

She speaks with an educated, soft accent most recognize from the city of Stalwart of the Seven Cities. She shows training in several languages, including brekon orcish, nanshilae, and drangonari.

When not wearing her Blue Order robes, she often wears an exotic silk brocade outfit that, if one is knowledgeable of such things, hints at Crullathian fashion not seen for several hundred years. She is often seen carrying a mage's staff, but never leans on it or uses it as a crutch or cane in any way. When divining she often uses a pretty and completely mundane snowglobe.

Always graceful, her movements have changed slightly over the recent months from willowy, to having more of a honed edge. She now often falls into long, thoughtful pauses where it seems she is not paying attention to the conversations going on round her, and she has the faintest touch of darkness under her eyes.

Despite this, she is more cheerful than she has been for many, many months. And though she no longer blushes so easily as before, she often lets herself laugh fully.


Updated: Changes began around 25th Nov 2013

* Thienna takes up a new interest, which transforms her in a few ways...

She no longer uses the various soaps and washes which made every feather soft and downy, (using something named Seavien's Wing Wash.) Instead she allows her feathers to regain the natural oils that allow her wings to become more resilient to the persistent rain of Zvidureth and to water in general. She gathered knowledge from the battle hardened avariel warriors of the Queen's Guard about how to care for her wings in ways to keep them water resistant.

She is seen more and more barefoot, wearing a robe-like dress of ancient avariel design that wraps round her, the clever design not hindering her wings in any way. She may often be found wading through brooks and streams, standing in the spray of waterfalls, and when at Flame Rest, constantly swimming in the lake, training to swim and practice her diving, staying under for longer and longer, studying the plants and waterlife below.

And when not at Nor'Seere or at home, she spends her time walking the riverbanks and the coastline, wading or swimming. Becoming used to the cold water while studying the waterbirds, mostly the Osprey - the Sea Hawk - who hunt the water from the headwaters of T'Nanshi's rivers to the sea.*


Updated, changes began after 25th March 2016

Thienna's hair had been white for so long some people thought that was her natural color but suddenly her hair is now a cool, even frosted shade of blue. She often has the locks of hair at her temples braided intricately, sometimes several thin braids at once, with tiny charms and a few delicate feathers interwoven into the braids. These may hang long round her face, or be pinned up into swirls and loops to frame her face.

The most telling change is the incredibly detailed tattoo work she has on her left arm, starting at her fingertips and swirling to her shoulder. Done in the most pale of inks, depending on the light the design may barely stand out from her skin. But yet with just the right angle and light, the colors flair and change to blues, shades of red, silver, green, as if it is etched into her skin.

It is an intricate design of loops, curls and spirals, threads interwoven, then parting again to recombine again until they reach her Mark of Andrinor, where each thread spirals round it, incorporating the Mark into the piece. The threads continue to climb and swirl over her shoulder, then begin to trail and fade away, til only a few remain to curl up the side of her neck until one last silver thread fades away.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:08 pm
Author: AShadowsWhisper
Wolf appears very carefree, silly, and overly curious. To those with a keen eye for such things, they may notice that he carries more of a burden than he lets off. For example he may naturally act carefree, but he still cares. Always paying attention to his surroundings (either directly or indirectly). Nose sniffing, ears twitching, looking around. But he can be more discrete if necessary.

Shameless and very rarely shy, embarrassed, or nervous and some times pretty blunt. He speaks very poor common (slow, broken, improper accents, etc.) for reasons in his background. He has a very thick Nanshi accent. He's not rude, at least not on purpose, but it's apparent he's not been taught how to interact with people. He crosses boundaries, does things that aren't polite: interrupt, get bored, wander around when someone is talking if something else catches his interest, throws acorns (that he gets from Selle!), ruffles hair, bites, throws dirt and grass, etc. Typical childish but innocent bad manners type thing. What inconsistent manners he does possess are driven by natural instinct, not a learned practice.

When inside cities he is very fidgety and uncharacteristically nervous and quiet. Houses or buildings, so long as they are not inside cities, he can tolerate but it is apparent by his demeanor that after a while he starts to feel caged up. Most of the time he's not aware of it.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:17 pm
Author: Raine Jueness
Raine is somewhere between elf and human height and has a slight but noticeable point to her ears. Her build is comparable to that of a gymnast. Her right fingers bear calluses from heavy bow use. Her hair is chestnut, eyes hazel and her skin is lightly tanned. Her clothing is always clean and well cared for (unless mucking around in a swamp) and typically very fine. She can do formal, but prefers things a bit more casual. She's just as likely to be barefoot as wearing boots.

Her attitude is usually giddy or silly especially among close friends and quiet when outside of Zvidureth especially in large crowds. When in M'Chek she speaks exclusively common but she is also fluent in Nanshilae. Depending on where she is and who she's talking to, she'll often mix the two. Her common has a light but apparent accent prevalent in the Nelthorpe fieflands.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:03 am
Author: Sarmanos
Alright, so I'll give this a shot. Might not come out how I would best like it to but I figured I would try.

Physical Traits and Appearance: Archibald is around six feet tall and has an athletic build, he has just enough bulk to his muscle that his athletic tone is visible. He has a light amount of body hair on his arms and legs and little to none on his chest, back, and stomach. He used to have tattoos on his chest, arms, and legs, but recently got his chest tattoo removed. The tattoos themselves are little more than very intricate lines and patterns with no discernible meaning. At almost all times he appears to be very clean and well-kept and sometimes he may have a hard to notice light but sweet and smoky masculine scent to him that can only be picked up if you got very close to him.

As far as his hair and face goes he has shoulder-length flowing brown hair that at most times is let down and also is very well cared for. Rarely he can be seen with his hair tied into a ponytail or a single braid. Moving to his face he has a smooth and fair skinned complexion, keeps no facial hair, and has a very attractive masculine face with dark blue eyes. He used to wear numerous piercings, though this is no longer the case and does not wear any of them now.

Regularly Archibald can be seen in a fairly wide variety of outfits if he's not in his robes. Most of them bear the marks of custom design and fitting that can show off his features depending on the outfit itself. These outfits either tend to either be formal or showy of his physical features. His most notable one is his outfit with a red colored dragon's head embroidered on the chest that he wears regularly when adventuring.

Mannerisms: Archibald strangely appears have very little to no accent to his voice. He is near fluent in Nanshilae and oddly enough fluent in Brekon Orcish. His speech though does carry the same confidence that he carries himself. His talking can be eloquent and charming or blunt and to the point depending on what the moment calls for and his own mood. Audibly his voice can be described as smooth and flowing unless he's moody in which he becomes blunt and sharp. His proper tone and vocabulary does show far more education and intellect than his good looks may let on.

Further information that used to be here has been edited out as it is now outdated. This may change in the future.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:46 am
Author: solitude_peace2
Sarto is always there to sketch the event, the players and the action. He'll ask the questions and narrate the story line. He wants to be right in the thick of things so he gets the real story.

Can't miss him, really.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:00 am
Author: Retsof
Kasandra is on the short side, somewhere around 5'-5'2", soft, girlish features, little blue and pink bows often in her hair. When seen out of her rain coat and full plate, her body betrays the strength of muscle brought my long hours in plate armor and working for the poor and her hands seem to hard to belong to her. Her accent of the slums can be heard threw her choice of words to the trained of ear. Ever an eager smile and soothing word.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:24 pm
Author: surfer69
I wasn't sure whether to add this, but after emoting and using tells about a kajillion times since it happened yesterday, I figure it's worth a shot.

Anyone who sees Angus Blacksail would definitely note that running from just under his right armpit to the end of his ribcage are the following words. They're carved in such that if he were on his back, they would run left to right to a reader sitting to the right of him.


What's actually there would be a lot more ragged, part scab, part raw wound, rough-edged, and obviously done in some measure of haste, so the lines would be much less clean. But legible nonetheless.


Since all of that is what I've tried to fit into Tells to various people or emotes, I hope you'll understand why I thought to try posting it here.

And a big thanks to Firestarter for the image. I have no idea how to do that stuff.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:38 am
Author: Ulu Elexin
Ulu Elexin

Self confident, arrogant and rude are some of the things that anyone could (rightly) say of Ulu when they meet her. She carries herself with an air of smug self reliance, and usually speaks in amused tones, her words carrying an undercurrent of dry sarcasm. Her accent is a strange one, a mixture of Galdosian and upper-class Nanshilae, with a hard Mikona edge on certain syllables.

Often seen with a dark hood pulled up around her ears, no matter what the weather, she shies away from bright lights or any unnecessary flashy spells. While casting, she does so with a mere moment's thought, the need for verbal components long since eliminated from her spell casting.

Ulu can be, at times, unusually generous to those who initially impress her. Often this generosity is delivered with a cool smile, but she's not one to be seen frittering money away without a good reason. Whatever fortune she comes across it is stowed away carefully, each coin counted before being placed away in her purse.

During a conversation, even if she does not appear to be following it, her eyes remain alert and watchful on her surroundings. Often rolling her shoulders or flexing her gloved hands; she's usually itching for her next battle, and doesn't usually remain in any one place for too long.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:59 am
Author: tindertwiggy
A calm sea of self confidence, dotted with small islands of genius, never troubled by the winds of common sense.

(Though its surface is at times rippled by undercurrents of megalomania).

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:00 am
Author: Gorgon
Smeec: ...I'll get back to you on that, once I figure it out myself. Feel free to fill in the blanks of how you see him IG.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:06 am
Author: tindertwiggy
Gorgon wrote:Smeec: ...I'll get back to you on that, once I figure it out myself. Feel free to fill in the blanks of how you see him IG.

A paler gray than gray itself.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:18 am
Author: surfer69
Gorgon wrote:Smeec: ...I'll get back to you on that, once I figure it out myself. Feel free to fill in the blanks of how you see him IG.

Scary in that "I have no idea what this guy is capable of doing - and what he wouldn't do" kind of way.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:48 am
Author: Nob
Gorgon wrote:Smeec: ...I'll get back to you on that, once I figure it out myself. Feel free to fill in the blanks of how you see him IG.


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:09 am
Author: surfer69
Gorgon wrote:Smeec: ...I'll get back to you on that, once I figure it out myself. Feel free to fill in the blanks of how you see him IG.

Make your own thread for this! You will get a million answers! But stop cluttering!

*spoken by a clutterer*

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:58 am
Author: Gorgon
Lol, I did something like that a few years ago, but forgot about it Feel free to split those things over there if you can.

Sorry for the clutter. :oops:

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:39 pm
Author: nihprodne
Moriand Dias...

What I think? As currently operating?

Looks like your average human man, one eye, smokers voice.

Very calm and patient, wiser then he sounds, smarter then he looks. More inquisitive then confrontational or judgemental on matters of faith.

Visible distaste of Psions or Blue mages, he operates under self concocted stereotypes of both. He will normally be tolerant of their company to a certain extent but more often then not leaves when given the opportunity.

He does however have a motivated interest in spell craft. He watches casting with a subdued but intense interest.

Approachable in the right environment, though not apt to approach you.

If he trusts or thinks he understands you, he's probably spoken his mind. If not, he usually just waves and moves along.

Lots of weapons, always something new to try although a mercurial great sword is always strapped across his back, a bow over his shoulder, and a pair of Kamas on his belt.

Disregard all of this if his eyes are dilated and he is speaking gibberish, and take away his minds eye would you? Well...don't disregard the weapons...


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:08 pm
Author: Lesli
Hyacinth Pike

I used to make a fair number of emotes about Hy's insanely good posture. She's very deliberate and precise in everything she does, down to the way she stands. Kind of an omnipresent air of someone trying in a bit of an unforgiving way to be the best they can. She's self-controlled and I try to play her emotions as muted and understated, even when they're strong, because maintaining that composure is important to her. She enunciates precisely, like someone who's drilled in elocution, with a little touch of a Seven Cities accent. She doesn't tend to go in for much in the way of girly decorative flourishes- she takes care of herself but doesn't seem to be well versed or comfortable with dressing it up. She's usually in a uniform of one sort or another, clean and pressed when conditions allow it.

I've always pictured her a bit on the tallish side, maybe 5'10 or so. I would imagine there's a lot of physical strength that shows in her movements, though the fact that she's usually in full plate with a greatsword probably gets that across faster.

Sir Haverith

I've always imagined Sir with a lot of cheap jewelry, kind of haphazardly applied. As if she had just picked up whatever was shiny like the absent minded little magpie she is. She's the type who would go in for random bits of bells, sequins, scarves, sparkles, buttons, fuzzy dangly balls, the like. Not all at once, probably, but anything that caught her fancy or amused her.

She has trouble sitting still, fidgits and gesticulates a lot, and uses over-acted movements and emotions to help make up for not being able to speak well. She can hear and mimic accents well (she can do a bang up Kurasian noble accent, interlaced with Servator inflections, for example), so I actually picture her getting the sounds of common pretty close, but obviously slowing down to think words and sentences through poses a problem. In Nanshilae, she speaks rapidly, expressively, confidently, and often in a wall of text style.

Despite the fact that she's an elf and over a century old, I sort of picture Sir as still having a bit of baby fat, as far as that goes for elves- just that extra little bit of soft squish.

Also I figure the high dex makes her very fast on the strings.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:33 pm
Author: wolfwielder
Now that I have time more stuff about Losin and Vic

Losin Rockhands

Kind of on the tall side for a female dwarf right around 4ft. Extremely fit, not musclebound but the years of martial training have definitely been kind to her. Her hands are always in gloves but when they are not they appear to be well taken care of. Her hair is always pulled back away from her face. Her attire is always impeccable and well maintained even if she is just lounging around she always looks her best.

Believe it or not a lot of Losin's character comes from the southern women that raised me. Anyone in the south US knows what Im talking about. She is stubborn, protective of her extremely close friends and family. She is loyal, she is quick to anger and knock your head off with a wooden spoon if thats all thats available. She has a softer side not many people see, she is caring, has a soft place in her heart for those others look down on due to race, she is a giving person also just ask Selle and a few others.

Vicmin Firia'hootz

Vic is my fun PC. He is naive, thinks everyone deserves a chance and will talk to damn near anyone. He sees all women as lovely creatures on the outside but its their hearts that tell him their real beauty *coughs* Keaira *coughs*. He is not a big drinker of alcohol as it tends to make him forget things like spells easily, he is known to toss back a few bottles of Fey Wine from time to time. He is an avid Mellowsmoke user but doesnt walk around stoned the entire time, but always has a bit on him in one of his bags. He can always been seen in his Green Order robes when out and about, but when relaxing he is usually in some comfortable pants and shirt, or just pants. The corners of his mouth are turned up just a bit so it looks like he is permanently smiling all the time, he always appears to be in a good mood which is probably why he gets his way so much cause he is just so damn fun to be around.

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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 5:27 pm
Author: surfer69
I've seen some new faces, so I thought this might could use the almighty


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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 5:37 pm
Author: Grunt
Don't forget to bring these descriptive things into the wiki entry for your character if you want to!

Everyone should have a character wiki!

Even Ang. :twisted:

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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 5:49 pm
Author: surfer69
Grunt wrote:Don't forget to bring these descriptive things into the wiki entry for your character if you want to!

Everyone should have a character wiki!

Even Ang. :twisted:

Ummmm.... errrrr....

I don't know how to wiki, dude.