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Re: An open question about your characters

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:49 pm
Author: Raama En'Huine
Raama En'Huinea, is rather quiet and more of a background person then a stand out in the crowd type of person, figedty, yet loves to listen and observe. However quite oppinionated and speaks his mind about things, and not always in favorable mannerisms. He's not a very social creature, and has very few friends, but a good amount of accquantices. He tries to keep himself tidy and his feathers well kept, but spends al lot of his time in the deglos caves and grudging through places he has never been to satisfy his intrige.

In battle he's not afraid to jump into the heat of things, but through proper training he's becoming more strategic. It's obvious he's open minded and willing to debate his thoughts on things. But nothing come before his duty to Gorethar, then the order, and those that need him, and lastly his shop.

Re: An open question about your characters

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:06 pm
Author: loki70
Rickus: I would call him well groomed, but everything about his of military standards. He has short cropped hair (even though his avatar isn't...dumb move on my part) and is generally either clean shaven or sports a very short beard. He is in armor almost all of his waking hours, so smells a bit of metal and polishing oils when he isn't in a uniform of some sort. He sees perfumes and the like as foppery, and will only use them if ordered. He stands about 6'2" or so, is actually rather thin, but in excellent shape. He always stands at his full height and has a hard time bending his stature as well as his ideals. Something about him just says "this is a person that will not bend or break easily". He speaks with a very thick Kurasian noble accent, interlaced with Servator inflections, most due his parents styling themselves as nobles rather than any conscious effort. If asked about his appearance or his speech, he would most likely not even consider these things as relavent or important.

Recent changes to Rickus: He can now be seen wearing his holy robes more around town. He's officially retired, and put on some weight from a more sedentary life. He's starting to gray around the temples, but still has all his hair and is still well groomed at all times. His accent has, if anything, gotten thicker. He has taken to wearing a rather sizable bag on his belt at all times, full of the medals and commendations he's received over the years. He has acquired quite a few scars from his battles, though usually cannot recall where he got any of them.

Hebrin: Soft spoken and silent around strangers, he generally only speaks when he's comfortable, and he's only comfortable around those he knows. Very slight with long red hair, he's a typical elf in most ways, except for the glowing eyes, of course. He's extremely thin and looks very frail to most. He generally walks around very fast, obviously, but doesn't realize that this is unusual in the least unless people point it out to him (which they invariably do). He's not exactly shy around people, but he finds most of their worries and concerns either irrelevant or interesting in a very clinical way. When he rambles, and he does so a lot when he's around friends, he tends to not even realize he's rambling, like it's an internal monologue that other people get to chime in on. His only other oddity is that he sees himself as a human, and will sometimes say things in human terms and cannot speak any nanshilae. He actually forgets what little he manages to learn in very short order if he doesn't use it constantly.(REMORTED)

Aldo: Plainly speaking, Aldo is just not right. He's caustic, furtive, and seems to be overly fixated on the wrong things. He's got a bit of a sarcastic wit, and tends to tell people exactly what he is thinking, but rarely openly. When people speak to him they get the sense that he is paying undo attention to what they say, and possibly looking for other meaning in their words. He has short spiked hair and several piercings, though otherwise he is clean cut. His clothing goes south relatively fast, but he always washes and scents away before going to town, so he is usually recently bathed and clean when he is in town. Out of town he is most likely covered in mud or worse.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:27 pm
Author: surfer69
Great stuff so far! I know it will really me put people to pixels. Keep it coming!

Angus Blacksail is about 5'10", brown-eyed, and lean, with slightly wavy black hair running down and behind his ears. His features and body are pretty symmetrical, and he is either perpetually clean-shaven (unlikely) or just doesn't grow facial hair. He has good, clear skin, straight teeth, and decent enough posture.

The first thing somebody would notice if Angus were in his usual shirtless state is a wide, ragged, poorly healed scar running diagonally from a couple of inches below his right nipple to just over his heart.

He has a few dozen tattoos, but they aren't full-body sleeves. It's clear they were all done at different times and with varying levels of skill. And that they were all originally black but sometime later he had some of the black portions inked over in dark purple. Some are names of ships or women (almost all struck through crudely), but most notable are probably 1) a black-sailed corsair sailing over a purple ocean covering his whole back; 2) a black sun rising over a purple sea with black sun-streaks on his chest, also large; 3) the symbol of Maleki tattooed at the spot where his collarbones meet; 4) a black tattoo in bold, gothic script that reads "'M'CHEK FOREVER" on the inside of his left forearm; and 5) one that says "NEVER SURRENDER" in the same spot and same style on his right forearm.

His general demeanor is cheerful, and anyone around him will definitely see that he's quick to laugh and make jokes. Around women he finds attractive he'll peacock a bit and say things he ought not say, almost irregardless of who they are. But whether as a result of some basic personality disorder, an affinity for banned substances, or memories - real, imagined, or made up for the sake of convenience - a lot of people have also seen how mercurial he can be, laughing with you one minute, fighting with you the next.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:51 pm
Author: sinn
sinn wrote:
Lady_Ashling wrote:THE OTHER Ash,
Well kept hair and clothes,usually wearing make up SPLINT ,easily distracted, BY Blonde!S

had to do it

sorry I was teasing...

anyways MY Ash (Ashanar Sekor)

He is fair height for an elf but build like an ox. Muscles from head to toe, and willing to do the run from Mikona to Elysia with a wemic over his shoulders. Jet black hair long, yet always pulled back from his face. A very charming smile with a bit of a smirk in it at times. No scars whats so ever due to heal potions always on hand, and look to be VERY young despite being closer to middle age than not. Plays the guitar and lute left OR right handed. Walks a bit like John Travolta in Snakeskin Boots, that always echo on hardwood floors. Over the years he gone through many changes and he eyes show it as does his mouth, and his most popular curse is 'wonderful'. Sarcastic when facing danger these days, where as he used to always take death VERY seriously. Addresses people he does not know as 'friend', as does he his actual friends and the person he is about to kill. Thick skinned having been on the unpopular side of arguments most of his life, still does not back down, and if somebody insults his friends or his woman, look out.

edit: Breath smells of RedGate Brandy, and has NOT forgot Kero owes in 30 more cases of the stuff.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:03 pm
Author: Zandel
Varion appears much as his tune looks in terms of size hairstyle and color. He usually has very clean hair and smells of of the outdoors on a fresh spring day. He will often have slightly glazed eyes from mellow, though rarely out and out bloodshot. He has a confident yet relaxed demeanor and is often seen smiling in amusement or enjoyment of people or life in general. He tends towards flirtatious and is generally fun loving but can get a steely and somewhat intensely frightening expression when roused to anger.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:13 pm
Author: Zandel
Kale also looks like his tune with a blue Mohawk that seems to be perpetually dyed Gorethar Blue and the pale skin common to a ghost elf. He exudes calm and always seems to move with complete control and balance as if aware of every muscle in his body. His glowing eyes seem very deep and he tends to absorb things said to him and take time in careful consideration before responding. Kale does not tend to show anger but moves with precision and a definitive purpose when in combat. He does not tend to tease as he is careful not to offend, but has a rich sense of humor and a very compassionate nature.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:15 pm
Author: Isadora
As if you haven't all figured out by now..

Isadora's wiki page is a good physical description of her. But as far as personality wavering in the presence of others? WYSIWYG.. that's half right. Just because she beats up someone doesn't mean she hates them. And just because she DOESN'T beat up someone doesn't mean she respects them. Isadora is your basic bully. She'll never pick on someone bigger than her own size (probably just insult them a lot). And obviously shows respect when she knows her ass is on the chopping block.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:42 pm
Author: solitude_peace2
Janus is a friendly sort. He'll walk right up to a group with a big grin on his face. Always seeming curious, he hangs on every word of the conversation as if he's pondering the meaning of every word. After a few catches of the conversation he'll likely chime in with his expertise, with a knowing nod and a scratch of the chin.

When wandering with friends he'll wade into the thick of the battle, hacking away with a stern face of concentration: a man about his task.

Seen at the Forge, Janus leans close to the tongs, tongue wandering on his lips as he fashions any available metal into arrowheads. As he wraps up his labors and wipes his brow the grin returns to his face.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:54 pm
Author: FireFly
Ays is about 5'7. She keeps herself neat and clean. She always smells nice and her skin is soft. She knows she is attractive but she also doesnt pay attention to it, its just part of her. She pays attention to what she eats since alot of her clothes are very form fitting and she keeps herself in shape. She smiles alot, but that doesnt mean she isnt sizing you up. Its her way of making you feel at ease, even if she doesnt like you. She also tries to make the person or people she is talking to feel like they are the most important thing to her.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:10 pm
Author: JollyOrc
Where he didn't care about his looks in his youth, Janur has become a fop in old age: Without thinking about it he fusses with the lace of his fine shirts, adjusting the seat of his cravat or tucking the sleeves just right. Still drawn to beautiful women, he keeps a reserved distance to them, painfully aware that they mostly don't see him as possible bedmate anymore.

On top of that, the ailments of old age creep up on him when he isn't distraced by something more important: His knee acts up and gets rubbed, the elbows occasionally feel stiff or he actually needs to squint to better see the one in front of him.

In his manners, he is a reserved but friendly man who nonetheless feels he's entitled to a certain minimum of respect - either simply because he's old and wise(ned) or on the merits of his station. He likes to keep his hands occupied, be it with a teacup, his walking umbrella, doodling in his ever-ready sketchbook or just fidgeting absent-mindedly with small parts of his clothing.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:35 pm
Author: jaythespacehound
Elendor has fairly close cut, very curly dark, unkempt hair. Smiles easily and often. His features are more Human than Elven but he tries to emphasise the Elven ones, as if to make it easy to see he's half-elven. Will go out of his way to try and make others feel at ease. Teases those he considers friends. He wears his emotions on his sleeve if you will, whatever he feels you're likely to see.

Almost always in green order robes, that are surprisingly well kept considering his general disregard for looking after things. Those who know him well might realise he has a second pair he puts on if they're likely to get ruined. Clearly proud of beeing a green.

Unlike most mages, he doesn't usually carry a staff, believing the robes are enough to identify him as a mage to those who care about such things. He walks with an easy gait that might tell the observant he's spent a lot of time in the wilds. Not silent though by any means. Often has a pipe about him somewhere, a pouch or two of mellow, and a good amount of alcohol.

He's attractive in a careless way, and not the slightest bit vain about it.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:04 am
Author: IncogKnight
Meoi was obviously raised among people: She looks to them for food, petting, praise & entertainment. As soon as a person makes clear that he will not provide food, petting, praise or entertainment, that person is dismissed as unimportant. She does not notice verbal threats unless delivered with hostile tone and body language, but regards those who take hostile action as dangers to be watched and avoided or destroyed as necessary. She seldom holds grudges. She has the wilderness skills of a pampered pet. She is often protective of favorite people, but comparatively wary and standoffish if a person is part-feline or already claimed by a feline. (When she sniffs at people, she is mostly checking to learn what possessive scent-marks they carry.)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:40 am
Author: Urizen
Liam is a Vicious Hell Bastard.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:02 am
Author: Firestarter
Above average attractive, human-built woman looking to be in her early 20's with the Half-Elven pointed ears and when asked if she is half Elf, she gives a "are you stupid?" type of look and tells you she has no elven blood in her. She seldom mentions being a Half-Nymph and can be seen giving obvious Half-Nymphs a glare.

She is often seen walking past carrying a bag full of cotton and flax plants that stick out some or a bag full of Fey Grapes and heading towards the closest building with all the necessary equipment one needs to sew or brew potions. When she isn't busy crafting, she clutches a little brown bag of candy with the word "MINE" and a mad face right under that sewn onto the front. The only time she isn't greedy with her candy is when she has a full supply then she's willing to share a few pieces.

Her choice of clothing is dark. She wears black dresses with either gray, silver or purple detailing on them and gloves with a single row of spikes on the outter sides. When she isn't wearing black, she's wearing something purple. She seldom wears any other colors.

Her hair is about four inches past her shoulders and naturally black with a dark purple streak dyed in the front. Her light blue eyes can be pleasant to look into but she usually looks at people a little coldly with them, making her seem like a grouchy person. She never really smiles, it's usually a grin or an occasional smirk so you know she's up to something when she does smile pleasantly.

All in all, she's a damn gorgeous woman who hangs around all the people she was warned about the first few days of being in Elysia and she seems calm a lot but it's apparent she has grudges and built up hate inside of her by the expressions on her face sometimes and certain things she says.

xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

Nalaníe Maÿleia
It's ovbious right away that she's a Ghost Elf from the faint green glow her pale body emits. She has light blonde hair and unusual jade green eyes (which isn't normal for Ghost Elves, a FOIG type of thing). She's frail, weak looking and beautiful in appearance and she seems careful about the things she does. It's apparent she isn't built for battle and likely never will be.

The skittish Ghost Elf usually hides on the sides of buildings or behind a tree and peers out at people before she creeps out to say hello. She's especially shy towards human men sometimes.

She's a mage who will likely stand in the back casting at the enemy rather than using a weapon against them. She's one who tries to prevent getting hit.

Nalaníe is someone less likely to ever hurt anyone, she seems to be a pleasant and friendly person once you get to know her who seems concerned for others' well being.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:36 am
Author: Aramithran
Eudaimon Dawnblade is an odd looking human of "hard to enjoy and understand atractiveness" and "hard to enjoy and understand reasoning".
He constantly predicts freedom of the self and seeks out of the ordinary experiences.

Unlike the hopeless player that tries to portray him, armed only with poor spelling skills, Dawnblade's speech is elloquent and ranges from the ritch-methaphorical to otherwise disgusting precision. He appears quite unkept with a hint of a hidden depression lurking within, his steps are slow and the eyes always receptive.

Without having something to be interested on, Dawnblade's demeanor is slow and passive-agressive. But, when focusing on something of his interest, he will often find himself hopelessly obsessed.

A rebel at heart, he usually seeks to fight and advocate for causes abandoned and thought lost.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:14 am
Author: Seka
Seka is a thin, elegant woman, immaculately well-dressed, with a polite and often pretentiously formal manner. Her flaxen hair is usually piled high in a messy bun, with braids woven around it; wispy blonde curls stream down from her ears, softening her angular, aristocratic features. She has a wide, full mouth, but purses her lips in an effort to downplay it; ironically, the puckering only adds to her look of coy sensuality.

She has the charm and tact of a diplomat, and responds to even the most vicious barbs with repartee and a smile. Typically, she listens more than she speaks, revealing little in casual conversation; but she is a keen study of others, and is quick to recognize and compliment their noble qualities, or chide them on their weaknesses. She likes to laugh and does so greedily, at either witty or low humor, and generally tolerates most anyone for as long as they entertain her.

Those who know her well claim she can be spoiled, domineering, and narcissistic, qualities her friends attribute to her being an only child.

She has a fondness for wine and betrays a surprisingly turbulent disposition after a few glasses.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:49 am
Author: Tel
Teleniel's clothes appear travel worn but are well cared for. Some of her cloths show obvious signs that heavy armor has been belted over the top. Her brown hair is relatively short, if it was let down it would end slightly below her shoulders, but it's often kept securely back.

She often may seem quiet and reserved but she can be drawn to an almost childish glee and intense passions. Quick to be a friend, and almost always willing to lend a hand she's always willing to smile with just a bit of coaxing.

Tel seems a bit uncomfortable around large groups, generally trying to stay near the edges or those she knows well. Although if her companion is nearby she is much more willing to mingle.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:52 am
Author: Troth
Anders: jittery, disheveled (not filthy though), malnourished, rash, undisciplined, displays no concept of boundaries and just a little eccentric(?).

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:22 am
Author: Ronan
Ronan: Speaks in a quiet voice, stands a bit stiffly, left hand does not move reflexively with the rest of the body when it reacts emotionally to things, even though the right hand does. Almost always balancing a short staff with an odd arcane symbol on it over one shoulder. His gaze may be intent, or it may be observant and less focused, depending on the situation. He keeps quite clean. His clothing is tidy and simple in monotone shades, though there are elaborate arcane runes written across the cloak in contrast with the otherwise unembroidered shirt and pants.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:40 am
Author: Darkfire
Appearance: His skin is covered with his hood pulled typically low so it's dark and what, if anything, he is focusing on remains a mystery. Silver hair peeks out as its shoulder length, unkempt but not dirty. He has green eyes which can be seen on occasion. He appears rather young as well. He is about 6 foot tall and not your typical fragile mage. He has broad shoulders and chest, though very lean and his muscle structure is far from being bulky. His left arm definitely does not appear to be normal, despite being entirely concealed and bandaged.

Dameon is whatever you expect him to be to all but a select few. He wears a metaphorical mask that rarely is taken off willingly or by force. The best way to put it would be he is naturally adaptive to the individuals around him and the environment. However, he is prone to boredom. His chaotic nature becomes quite a bit more apparent when he is bored.


Adaptive, curious, averse, and prone to boredom.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:02 am
Author: Lady_Ashling
sinn wrote:
sinn wrote:
Lady_Ashling wrote:THE OTHER Ash,
Well kept hair and clothes,usually wearing make up SPLINT ,easily distracted, BY Blonde!S

had to do it

sorry I was teasing...

distracted, BY Blonde!S

Thats so true tho!!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:20 pm
Author: Tony Wazz
Some interesting insights. Good subject, I have often wondered the RL feel of the characters, down to the small decorations and mannerisms they have.

Unen Yana (missing son of Along) Wears a hood to limit the sight of his eye glow. It sometimes has frightened common folk which he wishes not to do. He's very delberate in his movements, but in a graceful way. He often talks toward people without looking directly at them. Almost always has a slight grin, and has a friendly feel about him. Much like Hebrin (his Mentor and Master) Unen doesn't 'remember' how fast he moves. Sometimes speaks in broken common/nanshilae with a broken accent. He tries to sound more human for clarity, and tries to be very articulate.

Eyes glow blue, but his actual eye color is purple, like his twin. Same darker red hair color as her, too. Always has his White Order robes on and cloak contrasted by his black gloves, and red boots. He keeps himself neat and clean, even hides jewelry from sight (holy symbol inside his robes, rings hidden by the gloves). It can sometimes be noticed that he realizes himself in the world and momentarily becomes concerned about his appearance being neat and presentable.

He is very approachable, and will sometimes speak aloud his thoughts without realizing that he is speaking...too concentrated on his thoughts and the world around him, to realize himself in it. All in all, he's a happy person who tries to see the bright side of things.

I really need to build a wiki for him...

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:43 pm
Author: Urizen
He looks at you with beady little soulless eyes, glassy dark and unblinking. He is the kobold Jankan. To some, a likable, clownish lizard. Yet others are disturbed by something perhaps lurking in his tiny reptilian brain. A dark brooding intellect? A nice kobold, but perhaps too nice. And why is he looking at your toes? And what is in all those boxes he is carrying? Books? A rusty set of surgical tools mixed together with some flatware and a teapot? And what is this odd fixation with ‘soup’?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:12 pm
Author: silverfields2

Five foot tall somewhere between 110 and 120 pounds. I figure with MJ, her weight fluctuates as she sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes refuses to eat, is sometimes ravenously 'hun-ger- y', sometimes highly active and sometimes incredibly sedentary.

I picture her with her ginger hair swept up into a rough pony tail with her bangs hanging in her hazel eyes half the time and not a person to be overly concerned about her appearance - maybe with a smudge of dirt on her face and mud on her clothes. However, I think, she cleans up good when she goes to a party.

MJ's facial features and physique hint at a human and Nanshilae heritage, but the signs are very subtle probably only disernable by someone keen to make such classifications. Most likely people who don't care about such things are going to classify her as human.

I imagine she moves with an animal kind of grace and strength. I also imagine she typically makes big movements and speaks loudly like someone use to living out-of-doors might. I also don't see her being very lady-like but moving in more of a tom-boy type way. She'll slouch, put her boots on the table and eat off her knife but its just because that's the way she does things not because she's trying to make herself look tough.

No matter what else she is wearing, she has a holy symbol of O'Ma prominatly displayed around her neck, and the chain of it is adorned with shark's teeth. She also has a finely woven belt with little charms hanging from it, a leaf, a wolf, an hourglass, an owl and a tiny crystal castle.

Her weapons are all stored in magical bags that hang from the belt. She still favors the longbow, however she no longer carries the Cutest Longbow in all of Avlis. She also has refined her fighting style and wields a smallish longsword and fat ugly shortsword. Occasionally, she will use a sling. If a weapon is not in her hand, she typically is holding a plain looking walking stick.

Having been rendered scarless by the Great Dragonari Healer Aevedean during the battle of Gantir, she picked up a few new phyisical scars during the Spirit- kin battles of Elysia and Helby'ssia. Mosly from being tossed about by dragons and bathed in acid and fire. Peppered all over, some are all ready fading from the good healing care of the Healers at Champion's Keep in Elysia.

If she likes you, you'll know it. If she doesn't like you, you'll know it. No subterfuge here.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:36 pm
Author: Pekarion
Alden is average height, and not just plump but I imagine him with a very heavy and sturdy frame. I wanted to make him a DD equivolent to mages, just.. Immovable. Personality wise he's set in his ways, disciplined yet very curious. I imagine him like Humboldt, not concerned with morality or politics, just extremely eager to document the world. While discipline and arduous study is what he sees as important, exploration is his guilty pleasure. He's also cheerful, but more enthusiastic. I rarely do the smile emote, but I use exclamation marks to portray his enthusiasm. I hope people see him as that, and not the surly dwarf stereotype :p

Also, he always wear the Blue Order robes, so I always picture them dusty and well-worn.