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Double Combat XP

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:29 pm
Author: Gorgon
Subject: Development Updates

Hamlet wrote:

- Combat XP is doubled for player characters above level 5, Avlis-wide. :mrgreen:
- Combat XP for player characters level 1-5 gain remains unchanged.
- The weekly XP cap remains unchanged for all player characters.

Zonr_0 wrote:For those who might not be aware, for low CR creatures (<10) if the difference between the PC's ECL and the creature's CR is great enough, the XP gained is set to a maximum of 3, which is then doubled by the submitted changes. Very low CR things within the first bracket of CR ranges will only give 2 XP (which is also doubled with these changes).

Where to comment: Post in Rants/Raves, Avlis General Discussion, Ask the Team, send a private message to Dungeon Masters, use the Bug Tracker, bug Zonr_0 in person, etc.

I'm old school. Maybe not as old school as some still here, but when I read this, my automatic reaction was "What the f*#@ are they smoking now?". Once I thought about it for more than 30 seconds, I realized this is a really good idea with the current state of the Avlis player base.

The cap will keep things healthy, and we have more reason to jump on and play when the urge tickles our brain. My artificer certainly likes it too, but it isn't a game breaker. Anything that gets people playing more these days without making it silly is an improvement.

Nice work team! :good:

*Edited to add all the other places to discuss, rant, bug report and not Rave about this*

Re: Double Combat XP

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:45 pm
Author: Cameron Klym
Now if only that worked for rage exp also. One can but dream.

Re: Double Combat XP

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:05 pm
Author: Gorgon
Crafting and all the other grinding skills are the same. If they changed more crafting to the artificable (new word?) kind, it would be different, but making any of those easier would probably skew the balance a lot more.

The cap still limits things. We just can hit is easier. I've never hit my cap with Smeec AFAIK, so maybe I will finally. Artificing may be easier now for those with enough time to grind out the XP, but it isn't a huge portion of the player base.

Double combat XP may get more people jumping on once in a while with the improved reward for it, and it won't help the regulars get any further ahead with the cap. An easy change for something that could make a big difference in player totals here. I'm sure quite a bit of thought was put into this before making such a big change. Raves isn't the place to second guess anything either (the original dev updates post lists all the more appropriate options), so I'll stick to my initial "gud job!". :P

Re: Double Combat XP

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:23 am
Author: Cameron Klym
Yes I concur...its a god well done Team!

But rage Exp is not like...crafting exp...but seems no one cares about rage exp and its also one of the exps that DMs cannot grant exps to. But that's another story. Just thought I would clearify that.

Anyways way to go Team for another great improvement, so yay Team!