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NWN Links

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2002 1:11 pm
Author: Janos Simbacca
I looking for a grand-daddy list of every single NWN link I can find. Lately its the only game that sounds mildly interesting to me now so I wanna check it out...

Does it really take 10 gigs for a full install btw?!?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2002 5:14 am
Author: Orleron
I certainly hope the hell not

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:01 pm
Author: Janos Simbacca
I think (hope) my buddy was on some crack high when he was telling about this. Thats a bit accessive, though I can forsee 1 gig.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2002 5:20 pm
Author: Orleron
Especially since to store 10 gigs at a 50 percent compression rate would take close to 8 CD's. What game has 8 CD's? Baldur's Gate only had like 6.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2002 3:05 pm
Author: Silk
Yes, but it would take 1 DVD.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2002 4:51 pm
Author: Orleron
Since when do games come on DVD? I mean they probably will in the future, but now?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2002 12:28 am
Author: Random
Games will come out on DVD when most people have dvd's

like they do now. I have a nice HP DVD recorder already really havent used it Waiting to build a fancy digital editing computer :)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2002 4:25 pm
Author: cage_15
some games are released on DVD though.