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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 7:45 pm
Author: Heronimous Fox
The avlis development in terms of expansion seems to be going clockwise round the continent.

Is that because of its western european influence or gravity in the northern hemisphere?

I know i am gonna die for this

Seriously, what is the next planned big step and why does the development seem to be heading round the continent int his fashion?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 4:23 am
Author: Orleron
When I first sat down with the toolset, I knew I'd need a city or major metropolitan area to start with. To me it was obvious that a city with surrounding wild lands would be needed to make the best possible mix of adventuring areas off the bat.

It came down to either Mikona or Brekon. I almost did Brekon first, but the problem I ran into was that there were no giant-sized placeables back then. Brekon is a city that has both human-sized and giant-sized objects to accommodate all the giant-kin and orcs that live there. So i went with Mikona.

The Seven Cities was another option, but they are ONLY city environment and I felt that wasn't diverse enough. I wanted a diverse landscape with the minimum time.

Once Mikona was laid down, I want Avlis to be a continuous mass of land as much as possible. I did not want a disconnected patch of countries with nothing in between. I'm orderly like that. So since Mikona is south, the best place to go is north,and we did.

Once we got to T'Nanshi and Elysia, I realized that I wanted two things.... Deglos and Galdos, which were never really that developed even in my pnp days.... and Brekon/Seven Cities/Kurathene. Those were developed a bit more, and in actuality those are what I consider to be the main part of Avlis. So the "main" part of Avlis hasn't really even been built yet.

So really what we're doing is not going clockwise, but trying to worm our way up to Kurathene and maybe up to Tyedu.