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When Will ________ Get Added/Fixed?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 12:23 pm
Author: Deider
The Short Answer: when we get to it.

The Long Answer: Avlis is staffed wholly by volunteers. We do this in our spare time, which for some of us is not much at all. In most cases it would be foolish for us to tell you, “Project X will be done in a week,” because you never know when RL is going to throw you a curve ball and make it so that you can’t put as much time into Avlis as you’d like to.

That said, know that we dislike building an incomplete/buggy world just as much as you dislike playing in one. If something is broken, rest assured we’ll fix it, as time and priorities permit. The best way you can help us in this is submit reports to the Bug Tracker – this really truly aids us, and we appreciate it when you do.