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Undead spellcasters and the Trust

PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:32 am
Author: Elradra

So little Elra has reached the upper levels of the Palemaster class and so has access to plenty of summons worth actually fleshing out with personalities, names, and a little background. While I imagine the two alhoon I can play with would tend to be isolationists in undeath as well as life, the two liches have a potential for interesting social circles both in life and undeath. My question thus is; can I safely assume the liches available to the devoted Palemaster were in the Fold or are even in the Trust by default?

If it helps any thus far I've been playing the lich as one Elra befriended in Zelvan Dur, given her fascination and history with the place. The Lich Lord was the normal lich's teacher in life. Senility has ruined most of their ability to communicate anything more of course. I'd like some input before I take too many liberties and bring some undead colleagues to learn at Trust events. :)

Re: Undead spellcasters and the Trust

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:52 pm
Author: Sunscream
There is a chance a summoned lich would have been a member of the old mage orders or is a member of the Trust. Someone would have to determine if the spells are pulling creatures from somewhere on the prime.

As soon as you start assigning personalities and such to an intelligent NPC it's starting to cross into DM territory though. For example, you've decided that the liches Elra summons are friendly ones that don't mind being bound to her. Where as I would say it's much more likely if she's constantly summoning the same lich to her service that he's very likely to be plotting her death as we speak.