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Modify the Disguise Rules

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:48 pm
Author: Darkfire
Modify the Disguise Rules-

As it stands now, it's a great deal of effort to 'remain disguised' and conversely it takes very little effort, or incentive, to try to identify someone that is disguised (and thusly, recognizing gear)

Rings can be worn under gloves, belts by a shirt, boots and greaves partially covered, dirty, blah blah. Even if it is unique it may not necessarily be identifiable given most situations where a disguise is used. I feel the ruling is outdated with the current spirit of Avlis and ultimately just too specific. Let's simplify the rule-

If it can be identified visually (weapons), armor/guild clothing (is it uniquely designed or generic? What does a +5 even look like? Can it not be tailored to look like a standard shadoweave vestment? etc.), and did they have something covering their faces? An "orange/blue dress with a flower pattern and an arm band on the left shoulder" for example is unique enough, especially if your character is often seen wearing one. With a short investigation, one could learn that said character had incentive to commit some act against the person trying to identify them, and coupled with the uniquely colored dress it could be reason to identify and recognize someone. However "A person wearing a black hood and what appeared to be a shadoweave vestment assaulted me" isn't a lot to go on.

Disguise rules:
  • Weapons that are +3 (or +3 equivalent) or higher are considered unique enough to be identified/recognizable.
  • Armor and/or clothing that is worn that is unique to a guild is considered identifiable. Unique designs may be identifiable but ultimately fall to the aesthetics of the item rather than the properties.
  • Clothing items that do not cover skin (skin tone, tattoos, scars, etc.) may result in failure to disguise your character correctly. Cover yourself properly and use generic designs for clothing and armor to be considered "in Disguise."

Most of the other rules can stay the same, including helmet/hood, voice, etc. I'm targeting specifically the loot-aspect of disguising oneself here. Simply put, the best way to identify someone in a disguise is to catch them and reveal themselves. Knocked to bleeding, add a "remove helmet/hood" player tool or something so that "KILLING" isn't the only option. Or a ruling that simply states "If you knock someone to bleeding, you may remove their hood/helmet for identifying purposes."

Thank you for consideration.

Re: Modify the Disguise Rules

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:04 am
Author: Plethora
We are looking into it

Re: Modify the Disguise Rules

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:43 pm
Author: Korennya
I wonder. If.. a player tool was created to allowed a PC to set a flag on themselves setting a variable that says if they are currently disguised or not. Ideally a variable that would simply reset when logging in or out clearing it to a default of not disguised. Anyway.. PC uses tool to set themselves as "disguised". Then we alter the perception script to look for this flag when a PC enters range. If the variable is detected, a floaty text message would be displayed over the incoming percieved PC that says somethign like "a sneaky fellow" or "casual bypasser" or "O'ma fairy". Whatever. While there doesn't seem to be a simple way of removing the player floaty all together, the player name would very briefly have a super imposed tag broadcasting the PC's desire to be someone other than themselves for the time being. Perhaps a step towards helping disguised PC's stay disguised a little longer.

Perhaps the tool could go a step further and allow surrounding PC's to examine the marked PC. It's been a super long time, but I thought in the original campaing you could see equipped items when NPC was examined and this feature was disabled. Perhaps it could be re-enabled via a flag that would give viewers of the disguised temporary glimps of the disguised equipment for while the variable persists on the disguised. The old GUI might not be able to be used, but the equipped items could be collected via script and sent to a viewing PC via system messages.

Food for thought.

Hell.. you could even have a script that "views" a target PC and uses the viewer's spot skill to look at them. The higher the spot skill the more detail is obtained (arbitary numbering system). A higher spot would allow a PC to recognize items with less time around them, while lower spot would require multiple instances of encounter with a target PC. If that same target was now disguised, the viewing PC would roll spot skills to attempt to detect past viewed equipment. If properly disguised, then nothign would come back, but if not.. a system message coudl be sent saying that a particular object looks familiar. Pretty neat, but pretty intense coding too.

Re: Modify the Disguise Rules

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:03 am
Author: Zombie
I think a floaty is a nice idea. Knowing in advance that someone is wearing a disguise rather than just a hood and a new dress would be nice as you would know to behave like you dont know them. Like if Tor was wearing pants.

Re: Modify the Disguise Rules

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:53 pm
Author: Korennya
Onpercept script on npc easy. On PC. Not so easy. Only work around coming to me right now is creating an invisible summons that follows the disguised PC. Percept scripts would be placed on the summons and then used to relay the info over to the target and the disguised. Summons is created when disguised used the tool to mark himself as such. Summons would go away when PC unmarks or logs in or out of server.