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PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:56 pm
Author: spool32
If you're already being attacked by a PC, they should have set you hostile. That is, in effect, the point... so that the person who's on the receiving end doesn't have to think about it, and can cast or react as they would any enemy without bumbling around the player list as the other character kicks your ass. If you plan on taking a hostile action, you should set the target hostile before you act. If someone decides to attack you, this should already be done (by them).

Finally, we don't really care anymore whether it was an accident or intentional. There's a special menu tool you can quickslot that takes away most complaints about OOC metagaming, and you can use it literally half a second before you attack. You can take action the moment you log in, anytime thereafter. This has been the rule since I announced the change to it a couple years ago, and was re-summarized in November of 2008 (click here) and commented on extensively in the threads linked to that post.

If you're playing a shaahesk, you might as well just hostile everyone the moment you come on the server. :-)

If you're in one of the armies... anybody with more than four S's in his name is likely not your friend...

In general, if you'r eheading into a warzone, hostile anybody you might have the slightest guess is an enemy. Hell, hostile everyone who isn't in your party... it's an OOC action. Nobody should care. If somebody has a problem with that and bothers you in Tells, just reply that it's OOC, you're being overcautious, and not to take it personally.



PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:58 pm
Author: itsabughunt
thetamlyone wrote:Okay, I have done VERY little CvC at all, so even though I've been around here a while, I'm a noob when it comes to CvC, so I have one simple but very important question: If a DM catches me handling this incorrectly, is it going to be assumed that I'm deliberately flouting the rules?
I'm sorry, but what is there to handle incorrectly? Don't overthink it people. Spool said it pretty clearly I thought:
spool32 wrote:I mean, seriously folks. The Gentleman's Agreement has several stipulations, but there are only two CvC rules.

Just two! That's it!

1: No PvP... characters fight for IC reasons only.
2: Set Hostile before you attack.

People, please stop failing.